Friday, 12 October 2012

Speedy week!!

This week has gone so fast. I can't believe it is Friday again, this time last week Chrissy and i were in London and getting ready to meet the warriors at the conference.
Yesterday wasn't very busy, truth is, I can't remember........My chemo brain won't allow me to remember what I did!!!
Today I can remember, I posted Nicola's book, she should get it tomorrow. Nicola had the winning bid for Barbara McQueen's book. Because she paid through just giving, mesothelioma UK will get another £50, which makes £250 for the charity, that is $400 for our USA cousins,
BING ....... I have just remembered what I did yesterday!!
I went out to see Ann and Bill from our support group as they are organising a charity calendar for our South West Mesothelioma Support Group. It will have the new logo on it.
After that I went into school and had a chat with the head about some issues Kieran is having at the moment.

After going to the post office, shame to say our little post office is closing on 31st October, the end of an era : (
I went into town to tie off some loose ends, I got another phone for Kieran, His phone got wet because of all the rain and now it won't work. He had a bit of a kick off about ti last night because he didn't want to take my basic phone to school, can't be seen with that!
While waiting in the Orange shop, it made me realise just how much I am missing my job and my colleagues. Customers are asking questions that I know the answer too so I had to bite my lip and say nothing, no one likes a smart ass : )
Tomorrow I have got 2 birthdays to celebrate, 1st one is Chrissy's at lunch time tomorrow and the 2nd is my friend Carolyn's. Both sound like good fun and are a couple hours apart.

Kieran will stay with his dad tonight so I am hoping for a relaxing weekend.

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