Monday, 8 October 2012


We all woke up around 8:30am, all a little tired but knew we had to get ready for the journey back to London for the trains back home.
Linda laid on breakfast for everyone, she did so well last night raising money for Mesothelioma UK, not sure how much but it looks like she did well. Barabara McQueen's book raised £200, $322 in US dollars. She will be pleased with that. The bid was from Nicola who lost her lovely dad to meso, I am sure she will enjoy it.
After breakfast we got our bags packed and off to London, Lise and judith will be leaving from Linda's as they have their car so Angela, Tracey, Chrissy and I piled into the taxi with Tex, the driver. Linda shouted "look after my girls" to Tex, it sounded like she ran a brothel : )
What a lovely lady, she has looked after us so well. I was so sorry I didn't get to catch up with her daughter, Mandy, but I am sure I will another time. They are such wonderful ladies who miss Dave, their husband and dad so much. I am sure he is very proud of them.
While on our way to Paddington, Chrissy asked tex if he had any famous people in his cab, he said yes and mentioned some called Gerard Defoe, I think the is his name. None of us had a clue, He was so shocked we didn't know who he was and apparently, he is a footballer. Chrissy said we don't know footballers, we only knew's eyebrows were raised so hight I think they touched to top on the car!!!! It was so funny, so funny that he lost his way to Paddington and had to ask a traffic warden which way to go. It even got to the point of Tracey looking for directions on her phone.
We eventually pulled up outside the station, Chrissy and I got out of the cabs and said goodbye to Tracey and Angela, I hugged my sisters so tightly, wish I could take them home with me. We are going to miss them so much.
We got on our train, we were shattered. We got to the south west, I had a coffee and Chrissy a cup of tea. All of a sudden there was a huge jolt, half of my coffee was spilt, we found out that there was a trespasser on the line. Don't people realise the dangers, they may want to play chicken or end their lives but what about those innocents who get drawn into it because of those actions? We hoped that no one was hurt.
We got to Plymouth, got in Chrissy's car and drove to our friend, Jayne's for tea, she had prepared a roast for us. I have the most amazing people around, how proud am I. It's not always about family, some people don't have that but they can have that and more with friends. Friends who are always there whenever you need them. Thank you Jayne, your a super star.
It was back home to drop off my bags at around 7:20 pm and then in my car to pick up siobhan from the station. She had had a good weekend, she was in the mail online, they did an article about the My Little Pony convention, and she had won first prize and a second in competitions. She said she did well, selling her merchandise and meeting others who love ponies as much as her. We got home and saw Kieran, he had a good weekend too, loved my bed. so good to be home, thank you so much everyone for a fabulous weekend x x x
 Lovely Linda, she made us breakfast and looked after us so well.
 Barbara's book, we raised £200 ($322). Well done Nicila who was the highest bidder. Your dad will be so proud of you x
 Pictures are a bit muddled, this is Chrissy on the way home on the train, plumb tuckered out after a fabulous birthday weekend.
 A big thank you to Barbi from the warriors x x x x
 Angela the table mat Queen.
My roast at Jayne's, No gravy, I am a veggie and I am not that keen on gravy, this is how I enjoy it, thank you Jayne x

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