Wednesday, 31 October 2012

This is my scary halloween sweet bowl to frighten the demons at more door this evening : )
None of us have dressed up this year but I still like the fun of halloween.
I carved 2 pumpkins, I was a bit late getting them as I should have been in Bristol meeting Mary but that hasn't happened. Hope she is safe from the storms in New York. I could only find small ones, they were culinary ones. I still managed to carve them, not as good as I would have liked but it doesn't matter. It's all in the spirit of Halloween.....  Mmuuhhaahahahahahaha!!!!!

Kieran is home and will probably want to help with the demons, had our first customers not long ago and what a scary lot they were : )

I can't believe that Steph, my lovely French friend, Has been gone 3 years now. Times speeds along and blink you will miss it.
Thoughts are wiht her family and to my friend, Ali, who still misses her so much.

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