Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I know my Aunties are going to be on my back as soon as I say this. I have been feeling really tired the past couple of days. I get up and get Bean off to school and chill out, every morning. By 2pm I am shattered, yesterday it was about 6pm. I fell asleep on the sofa. I went to bed early and was dozing off at about 8-9pm. I have stopped the steroids now as I think I will be fine without them. I know I need to rest as much as possible until the chemo is gone, it takes so long to get out of the system.
All this is worth while if it gives Theo a good kicking, no more that he deserves at the moment.
My little stuff monitor can now have a break, everything in that area seems good, so much better.

It's half term next week, I am going to Bristol to meet Mary from America. She is a lung nurse, very much like our Liz Darlison at Mesothelioma UK. She is over to attend a nurses conference.
It will be great to catch up with her.

I have been thinking about Christmas and what to get the children, I have some ideas. I am going to get my tree up this month, my milestone month.
I know how hard it is for people who have lost someone, some of them hate Christmas, and who can blame them. It is such a painful time of year, a harsh reminder of those no longer with us.
We all deal with Christmas differently. My thoughts are with those who find it so very hard.
A lot of anniversaries are coming up at this time, one of them was my lovely friend Ronny, who has just been celebrated by her family, a whole year without her, love sent to her family. Another is Anita, a fabulous warrior in Australia, she will be celebrated next week, How can time go by so very quickly.
I hope that Ronny, Anita and many others get their wish, a cure for mesothelioma, they fought hard to raise awareness and and the rest of us warriors are continuing their fight in their honour.

Kieran, hos dad and I had a look around Saltash college and I must say, I am impressed. Kieran saw one of his school friends there who had moved on and is enjoying being at the college. We were shown around and then talked about what would be expected of Kieran, what his opportunities are and how the college worked. Kieran liked it too which is the most important. They have a bus service that will pick him up and it has a stop not far from us so that was good although Kieran loves travelling on buses. We have a couple more places to look at, this one is looking good though and Kieran has to be happy, that is the most important thing.

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