Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Where did yesterday go???

I got to the hospital yesterday for around 9:15am. I was going to get a taxi but they were all out on school runs. So no taxi, I got in my little Halo car and took me self!
I settled in my room and had a coffee. I had to wait for the anaesthetist to put in a cannula as I have very small veins. I think they hide away when they see needles and who can blame them. I always had a phobia with needles when I was a child, I would scream, so petrified of them, that all changed with having babies and, of course, having mesothelioma. Some days I feel like a pin cushion.

The nurses were all smiles, such a lovely welcome from them, maybe it was the McMillan cakes I took in on Friday : ) I don't think it was, they are just lovely people.
I eventually got the cannula in at around 11am. The chemo nurse got the first bag of blood, I am having 2 again today. She set it all up but the blood wouldn't go through. With a bit of tweaking she got it going, although it was very slow. Enter another chemo nurse with a heat pad .... why didn't I say that, I know I have had one before to open the vein. What a difference, iy all went through really well. 
So this is me for the day, I wasn't sure what time I would get home but all was done and I was driving home around 7pm. How can laying in a bed all day doing nothing be so tiring?
I got in, quick grunt at the family and off up to bed. I stayed there until 6:30am this morning, well, I must have needed that sleep.

Kieran has gone off to school, he is determined to get his usual bus. I have told him to take care, I can't be with him 24/7 and know that as soon as my back is turned he will do what he wants to anyway. All I can tell him is to take care and he has been asked not to get the usual bus.
I got his pack lunch ready this morning and what do I find,.... a chicken curry with rice and nan bread!!!
Well I think it is chicken curry, it has been in his bag all night.....  unfortuantley it has gone in the bin. He won't eat it, the rest of us are veggies and I don't trust meat anyway, especially as it has been out of the fridge all night.

I have my new furniture coming today, my friends daughter had the old one. Can't wait, it will be lovely. So what to do today???? Nothing me thinks : )

Nimble, my lovely bear from the warriors. Hee is named after my wonderful dad who's nickname was Nimble when he was a young boy because he could run fast, especially when he was up to something   : )

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