Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wonderful day, another very large milestone reached : )

I settled down this evening to write my blog, all comfy in my bed when I was stopped, who stopped me, Stork, he forced his way between me and my lap top. After he had decided that he had had enough attention, he moved. So, back to today..... The milestone......... Harvest festival..... Another one and a very special one, Kieran's last one as he is in his last year at school so a double emotion today.
He has changed so much, when I was diagnosed, he was 10 years old, he is now 15, he will be 16 in December. I am so proud to be here and see this moment, a moment 6 years ago i didn't think would be  even on the horizon. Kieran has made me so proud, looking at the picture, he is even taller than me!! All my children have outgrown me : )
 When I got home, Siobhan, David and I went to B & Q and Homebase to get some decorations, my tree will be up at the weekend. It is always up in October, my challenge and with the tree I bought in January 2007. A new start and a new year, that was such a good buy.
Stork and Amber were facinated, when we got back home, David went up in the attice to get my tree. The cats couldn't resist being curious, especially Stork. He climbed the ladder and stretched mhimself as far as he could to look in the attic but alas, he was not tall enough : )
Amber just watched, she was too scared to go up the ladder.

 Stork looking mesmorised about the attic.

Kieran and I in October 2007, I was diagnosed 11 months before this picture, this was my first year. What a milestone that was. According to the oncologist I saw at the time, I should have gone in September. Kieran lloks so cute, it's him, Siobhan and Richard who have given me the fire to fight.

After we got the tree, Kieran got home from school and said he enjoyed his day. I had a call from my friend, Chrissy. We got together for another dose of tales of the unexpected, then it was home and settled down to write my blog. what a wonderful day.

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