Saturday, 17 November 2012

A letter to Asbestos



I am not going to say dear because you are not dear to me. I HATE YOU!!!!!
I hate you for what you have done to my life,
I hate you for making my dad ill,
I hate you for making me ill,
I hate you for taking my future away,
I hate you because you have turned my family against me,
I hate you because I am so frightened to die,
I hate you because I have to have chemotherapy to keep MESOTHELIOMA at bay,
I hate you because you are something that should never be yet you are here, tormenting people,
I hate you because all you create is misery and heart break,
I hate the fact that you make some people very rich who don't give a Stuff about anyone who is harmed along the way.
I am not a racist, I hate all your colours, you are all BASTARDS, WHITE, BLUE, BROWN, it doesn't matter, you all cause the same havoc.
I would not wish MESOTHELIOMA on anyone, any cancer for that matter but YOU, I would be quite happy for you to have a very large dose of it and kill you off so you would never bother anyone again.
Get the message asbestos, stop destroying people's lives, stop ripping them away from their families, breaking their hearts and wishing their loves ones home again.
That is my message to you, I hope you listening, I HATE YOU!!!!!

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