Friday, 30 November 2012

Article in the paper today.

My little Bean (Have to say it, I am running out of days!!!) Kieran, went off to London yesterday with his dad to see his family in London.
He is off to Madam Tussauds today with his dad, he has been looking forward to that so much. I am sure he will have a lovely day.

The article about our support group calendar is in the paper today.  More publicity about Mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos. The iPlymouth camera group has joined forces with our group to produce the calendar. All the pictures were taken by local photographers and are scenes from around the city. The calendars are £8 each. They are selling very fast. They can be purchased through Jamie Quinn, his email is All the proceeds will go to the South West Mesothelioma Support Group.
The group has grown so much, we are now become a firmly established charity in Plymouth. It all started with our little tree being planted in Saltram on action mesothelioma day February 2008 which was the idea of Jackie Lowe, she and her family organised it as a tribute in memory mesothelioma patients and families past, present and future.
Jackie lost her dad, Roger to mesothelioma and since then the tree has grown just like the group. A symbol of hope for so many people and a place to meet and remember those lost to this awful disease.
The South West Mesothelioma Support Group was launched in 2010 and we now have a new logo and a calendar, well done everyone.

I have to catch up on my Christmas presents, I haven't done much. As long as the children are catered for, I am happy. I love seeing their faces Christmas morning when they open their gifts. Since I have been diagnosed my priorities have changed. I am so very grateful to have another Christmas to look forward to and to be here with my children. With that comes the pain of missing my wonderful dad who loved Christmas, making mince pies, karaoke and having a few drinks. He loved it. I have a wonderful video of him which I need to get on disk. It is him, how he was, smiling and jolly, he loved this time of year. It was also his birthday the week before Christmas.

The years come round so quickly, every year I am grateful that I am still here. Thank you dad, I know you are watching over me, little things that happen tell me your are still around, I love you and miss you but know you are close x x xx x

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