Friday, 2 November 2012

Back to normal next week

Wow...I think this is the first weekend in 4 weeks that I will be home and not out with friends.
I will have a quiet weekend I think. Kieran is back to school on Tuesday. My scan date is coming up fast, it is on 14th November. I have had a letter from them to say they want results of my bloods to check my kidney function, I have never has that before. I have to be assessed beofre I have the contrast dye. The creatinine levels need to be checked. I will speak to Dr D about this, I will also ask him if I should have another blood test to confirm that all is well. I am still very tired so it may be a little low but nothing to worry about.
When I have the scan and results coming up I go into a depression, this is the time I feel at my loneliest.
I usually cry at my appointments if they are good or bad, I think it is the relief. I have to give Theo his due, He has been very quiet lately so I am hoping this is emulated in the results.
Once that is out of the way, I can look forward to Christmas and new year with my lovely family.

I was shocked to find out that a Dr in Harley street was charging nearly 3 times the price for mistletoe. How can theses Dr's warrant that? It would have cost me £4,000 a month for medications from Harley street, I am glad I spent it on Germany and not them.

I can't believe that my beautiful baby girl, Siobhan, will be 26 years old on Monday. Where has the time gone. We used to have great fun making Christmas decorations and cards, Sometimes I would just love to step back and be in that moment. What a gorgeous young lady she has grown into, she is my other half, my partner, my support. She has been with me since I started this journey, coming with me to all my appointments. Such a hard thing for a young girl to do.

After nearly 3 years in our house, Siobhan has decided to take off the wall paper in her room and add her identity to it. She has been looking at black and grey wallpaper since we moved in so it was good to see the back of it. I am not sure what colour she is going for, I am sure it will look wonderful what ever she chooses.

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