Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Brilliant day.

What a day, I started off feeling very tearful, the CT blues are on their way. I felt that if someone said anything negative or gave me a hug, I would have crumbled there and then. I got some tears out of the way before I met my friend, Mandy, and her husband, Dave.
Not only is it the CT blues but it is also my 6th anniversary of having my diagnosis. CT scans and results are notorious for making me face up to my demon when I am trying so hard to turn the other way.
Mandy and Dave picked me up about 10:45am and took me to the car show room. I was off to test drive the new 2012 Fiesta. Yesterday I drove the Peugeot. I was a bit shaky with that one.
Today it's the turn of the Fiesta, the car I have had my heart set on. We had a look around the show room and met the man who would be doing all the paper work. He said I could take the car out on my own, I said no as I was a little nervous. Mandy and Dave stayed at the show room while we went for a drive, the salesman drove to Fort Austin Avenue where we changed seats and I took over. Wow.... what a difference, I fell in love right away. It was so much easier to drive than the Peugeot and I felt more at ease with it.
We returned to the show room with me driving all the way back and talked about the cars. I had decided, yes, it would be a Fiesta for me. I was so happy, what a great car. We talked about colour choices, white, Silver and black were on offer with one ink blue one. I decided on ink blue as the others didn't appeal to me.
Mandy and Dave had been so good, I don't know much about cars apart from how pretty they look and the different colours available, Dave knows everything else which is why I asked them to come with me when they offered.
They dropped me back home, I had to wait for a phone call from the salesman to tell me that the ink blue was avaialable. I got the call with even better news. I was offered a 2013 Fiesta with a better range of colours at no extra cost. I have chosen red.
 This is the Ink Blue Fiesta. Beautiful car : )

 All Mine!!!!

It will be with me sometime in December. What an exciting day : ) Thank you so much Mandy and Dave for cheering me up, I didn't feel like crying once, I was sure I was going to. Special friends are so hard to find but I have so many, Mandy and Dave being 2 of them : )

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