Monday, 12 November 2012

Exciting day today.

I am meeting a friend for a coffee this morning. It will be good to have a catch up.

This afternoon I am going to look at some cars... I have had my little Halo car for 8 years now and know it is time to move on. I am excited about seeing the cars but not looking forward to the day that I say good bye to her.

This week is the beggining of the CT blues. I have my scan on Wednesday and will get my results the week after. I am hoping that Theo has a great Christmas gift for my family and I. After the 21st, we will be looking forward to Christmas and new year with no meso haniging over our heads.

Talking of Theo, it will be his 6th birthday tomorrow. 6 years together, working as a team. I hope he continues to look after me.

This is the time I miss my wonderful dad the most, I know he will be around me. I hope he never thinks any of this was his fault because it isn't. This is my life, my path, my battle. Nothing to do with him. I would hate to think that he would blame himself for this. I love him so much and miss him even more.  x x x x

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