Friday, 16 November 2012

Gigging tonight

I went to see my cousin Dan play at a gig last night. I went with my friends Tina and Lee. It was the Vaccines after show party. I was disappointed that I didn't get to see Dan's band as he wasn't on stage till 11:45pm and I had to get up for Kieran the next day. It was good to catch up with him though and my niece, Rochelle. I am definitely going to catch him at another gig though. The bands that we saw were good, we really liked the first ones we saw, I don't know who they were but the music was brilliant, right up my street. I missed seeing my other cousins, Joe and Isaac.
The lads have done so well, Isaac is a rapper and doing well with his act, Dan is in a band called the Fifty Shilling Tailors and has been very successful. They were the headliners at the after show party.
Well done guys, so proud of you, don't give up your dream.

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