Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy Birthday Siobhan : )

At 8:51am on 5th November 1986, my baby girl was born. I have a C section because she was breech, I opted for the general as I was very frightened, especially being a first baby. I think I saw my little bundle of love at around 10am. I remember laying in the recovery room feeling like I had been ripped apart. I then realised I had had a baby, I asked the nurse "what did i have, a boy or a girl?" She told me it was a little girl. After a few minutes I was taken to the ward and saw my beautiful little girl. She had mittens on her hands and her feet to keep her warm. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was a part of me, she had lived under my heart for the past 9 months and now she had taken a part of it that will always be hers.
Today she is 26 years old, I will never forget that day, a day that changed my life for the better.

Happy Birthday Siobhan, I love you so very much. Enjoy your day baby. x x x x x

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