Tuesday, 27 November 2012


How upset was I yesterday when I heard that another warrior had got their angel wings.
I looked on FB yesterday and was so shocked to see she had fallen asleep. Janet was 53 years old. Far too young to leave her family.
Such a beautiful lady who I had the pleasure of meeting in Germany in 2008 although, as always, I wish it was under different circumstances.
My friend Jeanette and I were in the hotel foyer when I heard someone say "Debbie". I looked around and there were 2 very handsome boys with their mum. A frail, frightened lady who was about to have her first treatment in Germany.
Jeanette and I went over to meet her, she was wonderful. All she wanted was to live and the fear mesothelioma had created was in her eyes.
After that day, we kept in touch. Janet's husband, Roger, would often call and say how she was doing.
So it was a great shock to hear that she has passed.

Roger called yesterday and said she would want the fight to continue, she wouldn't want anyone giving up. She was such a brave and courageous lady, such great strength from the tiniest of beings.
Our condolences are sent to Roger, Ben and Mathew and Janet's beautiful grand children who she adored.

The fight will go on in her memory, love and strength to all of Janet's family as they start their next journey with out her x x x x

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