Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lovely evening with Siobhan x x x

Last night we all went out to eat to celebrate Siobhan's 26th birthday. She has enjoyed her day and to finish it off it was lovely to have a meal out with her and her boyfriend.
 Siobhan's Sylvanian Birthday cake.

 Kieran's dessert, before the massacre.........
.....And after the event......YUK!!!!

Kieran enjoyed it too, he surprised me as I didn't think he would eat all his meal. I was partly right, he had cheesy garlic bread for starters, chips and nuggets for his meal and an ice cream explosion for his dessert. He ate all the chocolate off the dessert and left the rest.... what a mess : )

After the meal, I dropped Siobhan and her boyfriend home and took Kieran to his dads as he had left some things behind at the weekend. As we were driving there, the air was getting very smokey due to the fireworks and bonfires in the area. It was like a thick fog. Kieran got his things and we set off for home. I didn't get far before I started coughing. I pulled over and had to get out of the car, got a carrier bag from the boot and used it to remove all the muck that was building up. Kieran was worried and called his dad. Once I had cleared it I felt a little better.
I managed to get us home and settled down in my bed.. a few minutes alter it was building up again. So I did the same again and got rid of it. Hard to believe that smoke would do that much, I suppose because I have a weakness that it makes it worse. Kieran was so sweet, he told me to wake him up in the night if I wanted anything. He said he would get me a drink of water. I went in his room this morning and saw there was one ready and waiting. Not sure if it was for me but no matter, it was a very thoughtful thing to say.
Another thing that has been happening and I think it could be the chemo is the "stuff" I have had over the last 3 days. My "Stuff" monitor will know what I mean. It has been very loose, I liken it to the poison coming out of the body and the coughing and removing of muck is a good sign that maybe some of Theo is being expelled.
Another thing that has been happening is slightly blurred vision. I wear my glasses for driving. I have noticed over the last week or 2 how blurred it gets. When I had my eyes tested the opthamologist said that my vision had changed and I wasn't so short sighted anymore but more long sighted. Maybe that is the reason.
Kieran was impressive this morning, he got up and had a bath at 6 am. He got dressed, went up the shop to get a drink, came back home, got his school bag ready and then off to school. I don't think this will be happening every day but it was great to see him so on the ball. Well done Kieran x

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