Thursday, 15 November 2012

Scan yesterday

Yesterday I had my scan, I was late to the hospital, my mind was elsewhere.
I had to wait until 9:30 for the radiologist to come in as my creatinine levels were low.
The radiographer was happy with the levels so it was all systems go.
I got the cannula done up on the ward, the anesthetist put it in, he said he had a bit of pressure against the needle as there is something that builds up in the veins after chemo. I have a raised spot on my wrist, it is on a vein and he seems to think that is the same thing.
Cannula all done, I went off to the screening room. The lovely girls were there again, it's like visiting friends now. I filled in all the forms, All about allergies and if I had eaten game bird. The game bird question is because the birds are shot with lead pellets and some of these pellets can be in the bird when it is cooked and eaten so will show up on the screen. Being a veggie, I didn't have to worry about that.

I laid on the bed and got ready, my dad looking down on me (Philips) the name of the machine manufacturers, all this madness helps me get through the scan.
Kirsten, one of the radiographers kindly took a picture for me. She is getting good at it : )
I laid down and listened to the commands, when it was done I could feel the reflux building up, here we go, silly me, I haven't got any omeprozole so I have been getting reflux again. Not sure if it is to do with the chemo or the TOF. Scan all done, I left and went home.
After a few minutes I left to pick up my warrior friends, we were meeting for lunch at Saltram park and going to see the tree.

 Pam, Angela, Sandra and Shirley.
 Pam left some beautiful roses in memory of her husband, Pete.
 Sandra, myself, Angela and Shirley and below, the mesothelioma tree which is has to be 7ft tall now and looking very healthy. A great tribute to all warriors x x

 It was a lovely day, we saw the cows come down to graze, they are so beautiful. When we left it was lovely to wait and watch them cross the road.

I met with Rita today, she lost her husband, Peter, to Mesothelioma. She arrived at my house with her daughter, Lorraine. It was lovely to meet Lorraine as well. We went out to Saltram Park and had a coffee before visiting the tree. Lorraine spotted a little Robim in the tree. He stayed there for quite a while before flying off, I was so pleased I got this shot of him.


mamavix said...

Hi Debbie, I hope your scan reveals good news for you. I have been following your blog a couple of months since my dad was diagnosed with this curse in Aug /sep x

Debbie said...

Thank you, I will get the results next Wednesday afternoon. I hope all is going well for your dad x x