Thursday, 22 November 2012

Scans and schools

I had my scan results yeaterday and I am happy with them. I will be discussing treatment options in January.
Kieran and I went to see a scholl last night. There was an open evening at Tor Bridge school. They do have an inclusion unit. after taking a look around, we were both satisfied that it wasn't for Kieran.
I did make an appointment to discuss Kieran's options at the scholl but as it is all A level work, it will be too much. His curriculum is for a special needs school and not main stream.
I think we have decided to settle with Saltash college.
Today I went out for a coffee with my friend, Carolyn. What a day, it was so windy, thankfully it wasn't raining. The car park in town now has barriers. There were no disabled spaces so I had to park on level 5. After our coffee I went back to the car, I was breatless as I had to make my way up 3 flights of stairs, stopping and starting all the way. I got back to the car, looked for the new machine.... there isn't one on this level.... Great. It is on level 2!!! I got in my car and drove down to level 2 as I couldn't manage the walk down and back again. Other people had the same idea. Ooohh...this is going to be good. Cars were lining up to pay their ticket. one car was inpatient, she wantsed to go, dozy woman drove to the ramp and then realised she would have to wait for the cars lining up to move as she couldn't turn.

I got home, had a banana and a complan drink and went out again, this time to the hospital. I was meeting Kate, our lung nurse, to discuss the website for the support group and take in some stickers. All is good with that and Kate explained my CT report in more detail. After leaving Kate, I went to the breast cancer unit. I had some money from my surgery, the girls had raised £48 for breast cancer and I was taking it in for them. The breast cancer unit gave me contacts for who cellects donations. I went round to the surgery and explained that they don't take it in the hospital. Have I got idiot tattooed on my head???? I was spoken to like I was a fool by one of the staff. She was so rude, Telling me that the unit is run by the NHS and of course they won't take donations, She told me it was for McMillan. I queried this as the event had been raised for breast cancer and McMillan is all cancers. Nope, she was right, I had it all wrong, it should have gone to McMillan, she screwed up the contact details in front of me, don't want that, and then made a phone call to someone and started discussing me like I wasn't there. She then moved away from the desk and went in behind the help desk and carried on chatting to her mate???? What is going on, I am left standing and am furious by this time. I told the receptionist that I would leave the money with the rude woman as I had things to do and I walked out. I put myself out for them today, I was so angry, I didn't have to go from level 2 to level 7 in the hospital, walking along, breathless and tired. I really can't believe some people.
I am home now, the weather is terrible, it rained so hard, I was just about to call Kieran to see if he wanted to be picked up from the bus stop when he walked in. My poor little Bean was soaked.
A nice hot bath is in order me thinks.

I am starting omeprozole again as my reflux gets bad. I am also back on steroids again, I have to get some weight on. Dr D wants me to weigh myself as he wants me to have a good bit of weight for treatment that will be done in January. I bought some bathroom scales with a £10 token I had from my friends in work. Bring on the calories!!!!


AJW4 said...

There is something about hospitals that makes some people so rude - they seem to think you left your brain at the door. I used to wonder if I was turning into a grumpy woman ( which may well be true) now I can only assume these people are rude to everyone.

good news about the scan result

Debbie said...

This was the receptionist at my surgery Amanda. I don't know how people get off being so rude. Hope all is good with you x x