Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Support group meeting today.

The Mustard Tree,
Derriford Hospital,

South West Mesothelioma Support Group Meeting
At 11:30 am.

Kieran has had his second day of getting up at 6 am and getting drinks at the shop, coming home and having breakfast before going off to get his bus for 8 am.
This is his latest routine.

Yesterday afternoon I went to school to talk about Kieran doing GCSE history and English. This was supposed to be a meeting for parents, I was the only one who turned up, apparently. Kieran's form teacher explained every thing to us. He will be doing the foundation level. He has to squeeze 2 years of studying into 7 months. He says he can do it and I think he can.
I feel very let down by the school. I have asked about Kieran accessing mainstream as well as special needs school as others are doing it. I was told he would have to choose which one he would want. I still don't understand why some get to have all this help when others don't.
I have still got no answer to this question.
Kieran was offered a place at a main stream school for 2 years which would mean him doing another year 10 and 11. This would be a ridiculous thing to expect a special needs child to do, he would be a target from the start. Not only that he has to do 2 years but that he will be 16 when others in the class are 14. He would leave when he is 18 and they would be 16.
His peers would be at college, he would be an even bigger focus for bullying.
This is just so cruel. We have discussed it and decided that this is not for Kieran.

I have my CT scan next week, I dear say the CT blues will start soon. I have to go in for 9 and get the cannula done by the anesthetist again as my veins are so small. I will see Dr D the week after and I am hoping the chemotherapy has given Theo a real bashing. I don't need a blood test, just blood results to the radiographers to make sure my kidneys are holding up as the chemo and contrast dye for the scan can affect them.
I will also find out if I can go back to work, I hope I can as I miss my colleagues. I think Dr D will say it is fine to go back. Here's hoping I don't pick up any bugs and be off sick again : )

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