Sunday, 25 November 2012


I haven't written a blog for a few days as it has been such a sad week. Losing so many warriors affects everyone, especially the families. My heart goes out to all those left behind. I often wonder if it is the weather and the coughs and colds that are around that don't help this time of year or is it the time of year that makes it seem like more are falling asleep?

 For all Meso warriors and their families x x x
My sister, Wendy, and I at my Nieces party yesterday

Just to update what has been happening. I am now picking up after starting the steroids. My energy levels are coming back up. I went out to see my friends on Friday evening for a couple of hours. The cold weather has really got to me. When I got out I had another coughing fit. I should wear a scarf, Aunty Mavis and Aunty Jan keep telling me too, I need to start listening. I sat in my car coughing up in a carrier bag until I settled and then headed home. I was very careful yesterday, it was so wet, rained all day and floods everywhere. I managed to get to my nieces 3rd birthday party, she had Peppa pig come and celebrate with her, her little face lit up, she loved it. These moments are so precious. I miss this as mine are all grown up, I love being a mum. It is the most rewarding job in the world. Talking about children, Kieran has informed me that as from the 19th December 2012, his 16th birthday, I can no longer call him Bean. This is very sad, Siobhan also told me that it has to stop because he will me a man and it's embarrassing. So, from now until 19th December Kieran will be known as the Bean : )

I had a coffee in M&S with another friend this week. We got our drinks and looked for a table, they were all full. We saw a lady reading a paper and sat on her own, I asked her if anyone was coming back to sit in the seats at her table, she said no so we asked if we could sit there, She was happy with that. We sat down and started chatting and then the lady said "I know you, I have seen you in the paper and on the TV" I though here we go again, I get this a lot and usually say I look like a lot of people, and she continued with telling us that her brother had mesothelioma and had died. We had a chat about that. She was such a lovely lady, she said her goodbyes and left us to our coffees. 

Tomorrow i will need another sick note from the GP. I will be discussing treatment, probably radio therapy, in January. I am still immunocompromised and don't want to risk picking something up at work and then being too ill for treatment. I have to get my weight up so I have bought some scales to weigh myself, at the orders of my oncologist as he wants me to bulk up for treatment.

Peppa pig at my nieces party, the birthday girl was not happy having her picture taken so isn't in the picture. I can say that she has a fabulous time. One casualty, a little lad barfed up on the floor, Eating and then bouncing on the bouncy castle probably did it.. I hastily retreated as my chemo urges would be in full throttle if I smelt or tried to clean it up, there would have been more than his there!!!

I have had a quiet day today. Not much happening, managed to change my bedding today with not too much hassle. The energy levels are definitely getting better..... yipppeeee!!!!

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