Thursday, 6 December 2012

A letter from the palace.

Not too much going on these last few days. I went out to lunch with Siobhan and her BF. When we got back the post was there. I was very excited to see a letter from the palace. I had written to them last week and wasn't expecting such a quick response.
I opened it and was pleased to see that the young Royals had sent a message to my lovely friend Mavis.
I was so excited, I got onto facebook to contact Mavis. She wasn't online, oh no....... how will she get the news???
I spoke to Rose, another warrior, she had Mavis's phone number. Eventually Mavis rang after i sent a text. I started to tell her about the letter, i read out what it said, she said "are you joking?"
I managed to convince her I was telling the truth, she was so happy, she had gone off to tell all her friends. Mavis is a wonderful lady, she supports so many people, one being me, she is like a mother hen. Mavis, you deserve this. Enjoy your Royal moment of fame..... can't think of anyone better to give this message too : )

Even the Royals have to go second class now : )

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