Monday, 24 December 2012

A warriors message.

A message was left on the tears group today, it was written by Angela, one of my lil sis's in Barrow. She and her sister Tracey, lost their dad to mesothelioma. She wrote a moving piece which I think should be shared. Thank you Angela for allowing me to add it to the blog x x

Tomorrow is a day when special memories come, some it will be your first Christmas, some this will be much further on. 
It doesn't get easier, but please remember everyone, it is only another day, but a day to make more memories with family and friends, raise a glass to your loved ones.
Raise a smile to your loved ones, they are still around us, hard for us because we cant see them, but, I know my dad will have his santa hat on, smiling with pride at how fantastic my family are, he will be so proud of all his grandchildren.
We were the reasons our loved ones fought so bloody hard, to the very end, so lets all show our loved ones we will continue to show how strong we can all be.
Keep sharing the love our shining stars showed us so well, keep making them proud, keep the memories alive, yes shed a tear as we all are so lucky to have that tear to cry, as my dad and all the other angel warriors were so wonderful. 
Don't forget we are never alone, feel the warmth around you, but dont forget make them proud. 
I miss my dad every day, every second of every second of every minute, but I OWE it to my dad, to stay happy, as he would want the smiles on his grandchildren never to disappear, and to try and be as strong as he was.

My dad use to say get a grip and one of the last things he said was too keep a grip, very similar but totally different. No one is ever alone on this page. love to you all and I hope you all manage to get through tommorow the best way you can xxxxxxxxxxxx

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