Friday, 21 December 2012

Busy day and end of an era.

At 11:11 am today, 21st December 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar has come. It is the end of an era, a whole new start, I hope that means that we will have a good year next year, more treatments and a cure for mesothelioma.

I love this cat, I want one. I don't know her name but she is such a character.

I went to Kieran's assembly this morning, this is his last one, a far cry from the one in 2006 when I broke my heart thinking this is it, I won't see this again. I was so very proud of him. His class sang "feed the world by band aid" I am so very proud of him, he is so grown up and sensible.

After the assembly I went to the Dr's, I chatted to the Dr and explained what was happening, it felt like a chest infection, I was so cold this morning and was sweating too. I have an ache down my left side were Theo resides and down my arm to the elbow. I think a nerve is involved but this only happens when I get a chest infection. I am proud to say I haven't had one since May, this was not the case before I got the TOF sorted out, it still isn't closed but I am sure it is smaller. Well done Dr TOF on a job well done : ) Theo has been very vocal over the last few days, I think he is protesting about having the chemo, tough.... shouldn't be in there!!! get your butt out and we can live happily together!!!

 Kieran and I in Plympton St Maurice church this morning.

After the Dr's I went to see my friend Mandy and give her her Christmas gift. She is a great friend, her and her husband Dave have been so helpful with helping me choose a new car, No news yet of when it will be available. We exchanged gifts, had a long chat over a cuppa and put the world to rights. I left Mandy and went home, Kieran was home early from school. His friend came over and they made Christmas cakes.
 They did pretty well, Kieran did most of the delegating while hios friend did the hard work. Sounds about right : )
They did a good job, I got a call from Kieran' s friend to say he had finished, the mixture looked really dry, they hadn't added all the eggs!!
We got that in and they poured their cakes into their baking tins.
I put them in them oven, the aroma of Christmas cake cooking is lovely. When I took them out, they looked lovely, they wanted to marzipan them today but I have persuaded them to do it tomorrow. They ar going in town tomorrow to buy some decorations for their cakes. This is so lovely to see, they both seem to be enjoying it.

 Pre- oven cakes........
..... post oven cakes.

I am going to get myself sorted and get in bed with some painkillers and a hot drink I think. Got a post apocalypse evening at Jayne's tomorrow, should be good x x

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