Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Busy day

Kieran didn't go to school today. He will be off until Thursday.
I popped out to the shops and then into town with Kieran to get a replacement bus pass as he has lost his original one.
We came back home, My little car had steam coming out from under the bonnet, uh oh...... that looked like trouble.
I lifted the bonnet and the coolant bottle was hot and steamed up inside. Kieran and I went in the house, I tried to call Darren, my wonderful mechanic, couldn't get through. I went out and checked Halo, my car, again and all the water in the coolant bottle had leaked out, it was empty.
I came in and rang Darren again, he answered this time. He couldn't fit us in today so we will go round tomorrow morning. He told me to top up the bottle and it should be alright. I did that and went off to the post office, came back and checked the levels again, the water seems to have stayed.
I haven't got any anti freeze in there now so I am hoping that being in the garage over night that she will not freeze up.
Home and in the warm now, it is so cold tonight. 

Good to hear from Esther today, Jimmy has appendicitis and will be having an op today, I hope all goes well. It is such a worry when someone gets ill and they have mesothelioma, probably the same with any cancer. The mesothelioma gets the blame for every thing when it isn't necessarily the case.
Love to Jimmy and to Esther from all the meso warrior family x x x

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