Monday, 10 December 2012

Can't sleep.

It's 4 am and I have been awake for an hour now. I have had cups of tea at Jayne's, went there for my Sunday roast. The caffeine hits me as I have caffeine free at home. I don't think steroids help either, great for boosting the appetite and weight but keep me buzzing some days that I can't switch off, to top it all, Stork and Amber, my cats, have decided that 3 am is a good time time play and run around the house like loonies, purr loudly, and poke mum in the eye when she does attempt to sleep. So, quite a combination.

I logged into face book and saw that this Ewing has been difficult for some warriors. Lisa and Esther have had a rotten day and Esther was online as her lovely Jimmy has been taken into hospital. Jimmy, hurry up and come home, I need Esther to read the blogs, your girls, Mavis and i, want you back with your lovely lady.

Lisa's dad is in hospital too, why do dr's feel the need to be so in your face with comments. It has upset her dad and her family that the dr has told her dad, point blank, that he will have to have an post mortem and also to decide where he wants to die. I know these questions have to be asked at some point but to kick some one when they are down is the worst. No bedside manner at all. Not all Dr's are like this, thankfully, but some have a lot to learn about how to treat people. They see mesothelioma and think you are half way in your box so it doesn't matter, it does matter. Kings college hospital has a scheme called. "In your shoes". All hospitals should have this available to them. You don't know until. Your in this position just how much these comments hurt and destroy someone. They mess with the mind as well as the heart. At points in the mesothelioma life there is depression, all these comments will do is make the patient feel even worse and their poor families terrified of what comes next.
Have a heart you medical professionals, listen to the patient and their families. Don't write them off, while there is breath in the body there is strength to fight,

Love to you Esther, jimmy and to Lisa and her family, is hope tomorrow brings happiness and your loved ones are home in your arms. X

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