Sunday, 16 December 2012

Catch up

It has been a busy couple of days,  Kieran went to school on Friday, he had been off for a few days. He was all excited about doing his GCSE English and seeing his friend at Dartington. He didn't get to do either, he was told he hadn't done enough work in the week for his GCSE and he couldn't see his fried, which he had been talking about for a week or so as he had no consent form. Usually the teachers ring to confirm he can go. I think we all know what children are like for bringing home letters. He was upset about both things and so was I. The reason he wasn't in school, he was being intimidated by a child at school, still ongoing, and didn't want to go until we had had a meeting as he was afraid that he would be focused on more.

After the meeting at school, I went to the Support Group meeting at Saltram, it was wonderful. We remembered those who have been lost to meso and their families.
I had a couple of chemo brain moments, I left the stickers and badges home so quickly popped back to get them. Then, I asked for 2 calendars, I had forgotten that I had already asked for 2.... what a dope..... we did have a giggle about that.

Last night I went out with my friends, we went for an Indian meal in Crownhill, Plymouth.
It was lovely, we swapped secret santa presents, We decided to get fun presents for a £1, Avis got mine, I got some star shaped Christmas biscuits and I fond a book in a charity shop called "oh boy - 1982 annual". It says on the front that it has "everything you wanna know about boys" and is full of "hunks".
We had a look through it and reminisced about how old we were then and what we had got up to. It really made the evening. I had bubble bath from my secret santa.

Today has been pretty quiet, I took down my curtains in the living room, Had them up for 3 years so we are due a change. Kieran is 16 next Wednesday, no more Bean : (
My boy is growing up so fast, I am so proud of him, he made a cheese cake last week and this week he is going to make Christmas cake. I am looking forward to that too.

I will miss Richard, my son again this Christmas, he is living in Ireland and is very happy.
He will be coming over in a few weeks, it will be wonderful to see him and his little family.
 Jayne with her magnetic photo frame

 Avis with her biccies.........
 .....and the Oh Boy book : )
 Di and her mirror

 Me with me bubbles.

 Jayne with a party popper.

And lil' ol me : )

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