Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Congratulations Cher and Neil.


I was so happy to see pictures on facebook of Cher and Neil, meso warriors who live in Australia. Cher has mesothelioma and has been to see the Prof as well. she is such a beautiful lady and Neil is wonderful, the perfect husband. He loves her so very much. At the weekend they renewed their wedding vows. The photos are beautiful with cher's smile gracing all the pictures a vision of hope and inspiration. They have helped me a lot with treatments, more than they needed to do. I met them in Germany and in London at the mesothelioma Uk conference 2 years ago.

Cher is so very brave, she has stopped all treatment, such a courageous thing to do. That doesn't mean it is over for her, the treatments can be harsher than the illness at times. It means that she wants time with her family without treatment, time is precious so I am pleased to see the precious memory that they have created.
I hope Cher and Neil get many more milestones together, WILL POWER my warrior friends, I love you so much x x x


My lovely friend, Polly (My Twin - we call ourselves that because we go through the same paths with treatments and challenges at the same time) Admired my dragonflies on my Christmas tree, I went to Chaplins store in Plymouth today to get her some. They didn't have any red ones so I picked up what I could find. She is so thrilled with them, they are all packed up and on their way to the good 'ol USA.
Hope they look good on your tree Polly, loves ya my twin!!!

Yesterday started a bit quick, poor Kieran was late out of bed. I forgot to put my alarm on and he had not heard his. He scrambled around like a mad thing to get his school gear together. I told him I would bring his lunch box to school so not to worry about that. Off he went in a hurry to catch his bus.
He text me to say he had made it, phew!!!
I got my breakfast, got dressed and went out to school with Kieran's lunch box. after that I went to my friend Maryanne's house as it was her Birthday and I was taking her a present. We didn't get mush time to talk as she had a couple of phone calls, busy lady!!! I said my goodbyes and headed up to the hospital to meet another friend. I haven't seen this friend for 3 years so it was great to catch up. We had a coffee/tea and a piece of christmas cake, My first bit this year, It was delicious. We went to Plymouth garden centre.
This evening I has tea at Chrissy's place, Jayne picked me up and brought me home, I am feeling tired now, I didn't get much sleep last night, I think it may be the steroids. I was buzzing last night. I will be having an early night I think : )

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