Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Happy 16th Birthday Kieran....

It is my baby's birthday today, well baby, he is a young man now. He is 16 today and I wonder often where the years have gone.
I can remember the day he was born, he was in distress and came out covered head to toe in poo.

He was a very welcome addition to our family. He has had some big challenges with his autism but has turned into the most polite and loving boy. He makes me very proud.
Kieran has raised money for charities by dying his hair red and by doing a radio marathon, he did 12 hours on the air. He helps around the house, never saying no to a chore, usually it's "in a minute" but he does it.
Have a wonderful day Kieran from one very proud Muvmuv x x x x

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