Saturday, 8 December 2012

Night out with my work mates.

I didn't have a lot going on Friday day time.I posted some Christmas cards to some friends. Friday evening I was meeting my team mates for a Christmas meal. I hadn't seen them since May, I have been off sick since then. I am hoping to get back to work next year.
I met them at the Gog a ma Gog on Plymouth Barbican. I so pleased to see them, all but 2 showed up, such a shame it wasn't all of them.
We caught up on what has been happening, had a drink, I wasn't drinking alcohol as I had taken my car.
We chatted and then set off for the restaurant where we were going to eat. It is a Chinese restaurant, I am not keen on Chinese food so I opted for omelette and chips.
I didn't bring a bottle with me but my team mate let me share her Schloer which was very kind of her. We all had a fortune cookie, I cracked mine open right away. My Message was "You will be awarded some great honour". I think the toilet roll has been changed : )

 I tried Seaweed for the first time. I enjoyed it, this was my starter, I have a pancake with spring onion and cucumber as well, It was all delicious.

I had Omelette and chips as I am not a fan of Chinese food. I have to say that the service and the food at the Fortune court was wonderful.
 We had our meal and then all said our goodbyes and left to go home, it was so cold, I got in my little car, heater on and off I went. As soon as I got in I put my heated blanket on, pyjamas and in bed. Lovely on a cold night.

Kieran had been busy today, he decided to make chocolate brownies, we left him to it, he did everything himself.
He went to the shop to get his ingredients. He got home and got to work.
They smelt wonderful as they were baking, he followed the recipe on his iPad and measured everything out. I have to say they tasted wonderful, Well done BEAN.... oh how many days now, 11 days ...... I have to stop calling him Bean.
I will be making the most of the days I have left.
Excellent brownies Bean..... make some more sooon, please Bean..... please !!!!! : )