Sunday, 9 December 2012

Theo and chemo.

Just a little update on what is happening.
I am still on steroids, 2 a day, I am going to cut it back to 1 and then try to stay off them. They are great for my energy levels and appetite but I don't want to be relying on them and having other symptoms because I am taking them. I am feeling very well, a lot more energy than I did have. I want to try and tackle the housework now as it has been neglected fir such a long time.
I still have a few symptoms of chemo, it takes a while to get out of the body.

Before I go any further, apologies to any one who is offended by what I am about to write. I can't do an honest blog without stating all that goes on so, if you are easily offended.... STOP READING NOW!!

I have wind, terrible for belching and farting..... The 'ol Rab C's kicking in.
While it is in my system still, it will be impacting on Theo, I am very lucky as the chemo usually stops reducing after 3-4 cycles,  I have had 6 and my last scan showed it was continuing to reduce. My oncologist was very surprised at this, me, I was very pleased. I do wonder if the difference is the mistletoe, I have faith in it. I have to get some more, will do that after Christmas as it is around £270 for 48 ampules. I take 20mg twice a week and 40mg once a week. I inject it myself, so proud of myself for that, considering I was terrified of needles when I was a child.
Back to the subject ...... I was up early, around 7am because the cats don't do weekends and a poke in the eye with a furry paw always wakes me up.
Mornings are the worst time, I will either be constipated, loose or both. This morning was one of the loose ones....... where is my stuff fairy (Jan C, I love you : )
I felt I needed to release some air from my bottom, yes, I needed to fart. I did and it came out and so did a little of the loose stuff.... yuk, Not too much happened, thank goodness. I managed to get to the toilet and sort myself out. I think, in the end, I went around 3 times (After writing this there were 2 more speedy expeditions to the bathroom) I feel like I have throughly detoxed this morning, What a lovely subject for a Sunday morning, hence the previous warning.

I do feel I need to be as honest as I can about my experience with chemo, I find it helpful when I talk to the warriors about the side affects. Nothing on here is meant to offend but I know we are all different and some people won't like hearing about my toilet adventures.

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