Sunday, 2 December 2012

Weekend update

Kieran, my Bean (Have to get them all in before the 19th!!! ) Is home!!!
He has been (BEAN) in London since Thursday with his dad, visiting his family. His dad took him to Madam Tussaud's which he had been (BEAN) looking forward too.

This is him with Daniel Craig. I went out to my friend Avis's last night, she had a pre- birthday get together. She bought me some beers which I am taking home because I was driving.

So sad, on the way out there I passed a deer that had been (BEAN) knocked down by the Wrigleys factory where the heard live. The poor girl standing by the car was in shock, her friend was leaning over it, I think it was dead. Such a shame, they are such beautiful creatures.

Today has been (BEAN) fairly quiet. I went out this morning, being a chemo brain, I have completely forgotten where I went and what I did.
I know I went out somewhere in the car.....AHHH, I have just remembered, I went out to my Nephew, Lewis's, place, he is going to look at a SEGA megadrive for me.... yes.... remember them!!! It belongs to my friend Maryanne and if Lewis can fix it, I will sell it for her. Lewis reminds me so much of my dad, he loves tinkering with electronics. This was my childhood, I was brought up watching my dad fix things. It is such a lovely feeling to think that a little of him is alive in all of us.
It took me a while to find his flat, I drove up and down for about 10 minutes before I found where he lived. I am getting worse!!

After I got back home, I put up the Christmas lights in the window. I had a quiet afternoon.
I was looking at the lights and thinking about the warriors who now look at us all from their stars. Each one of these little stars is someone special glowing and happy.

Kieran, my BEAN, got his train at around 2pm. I did say to him that I would pick him up from the station. No, he wanted to get the bus home. I left it at that and carried on with what i was doing. I called again and said should I pick the Bean up, no was the answer, I will get the bus. So i told him i would get on with doing my tea and see him when he gets home.
I got my meal, sat down ready to eat it, .... BINGO...... the phone goes, "Mum, I have missed the bus". Great, wonderful, typical!!!
I told Kieran to wait 10 minutes and see if it turns up, if not I will pick him up and that would give me time to eat my tea. My TOF has been playing up a little, so rushing my meal didn't help but I managed it without any episodes.
I got in my car and went to pick up my Bean, it's a good job I love him. I was so pleased to see him. He has had a lovely time seeing his family.
Home again, it's still raining but we are inside in the warm now. Wonderful, now, I think I deserve one of Avis's beers : )

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