Monday, 24 December 2012

Wishing a very merry Christmas to one and all.

Merry Christmas everyone, Thank you to all those who have been such a great support to me. I sent out, I don't know how many, Dragonflies this year, a little piece of hope to those who are going through such a painful time. I apologise if I have missed anyone but the shop ran out of Dragonflies, thisnk I have most of them. I am sending hope to all those who need it.

My warrior friends like Tracy and Anglea, my lil sis's who make everyone smile and, at times, need a little of that for themselves. They keep up the warrior spirit. We have had a very successful Secret Santa again this year, the girls do a wonderful job of making everyone feel good, we love you girls  x x x
Other's in the team are Judith, Lise, Mary, Nicola, Kelly, Lou, Rose, Di, Jan W, Jan C (my stuff and coffee fairy) Sandra, Joanne, Angela S, Traey G, Gillian G, Vickie, Heather, Janelle, Diane, Pam, Ann, Sharon, Suzi, Suzanne, Rebecca, Debra, Ian, Robert, Chris, Emily and Stephen and many others....... All have lost someone very special but still manage to help out those still fighting.

My lovely blogging buddies, Mavis, Jan E, Tess, Heather, Linda and Steve who update most days of their journey with mesothelioma. I am so proud to be part of this team. Others who are fighting are Cher, Lou, Helen, Janelle B, Peter, Bill and Ann.  I hope 2013 is the year for a change, for a cure, for hope.

Our lovely carers Lisa G, Lisa T, Esther, Faye, Grace and all the other warriors who are fighting so hard for their loved ones. You are such brave people.

Our soldiers who march on through hell and high water to get mesothelioma and asbestos out in the public domain, Linda Reinstein, Laurie Kazan Allen, Ann, Mary H, Richard (NAH), Christine, Kat ....  They all work hard with updates. They are our power, our voice, our warrior hunters.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you, and there are many more, for all your support this year. For me it has been a tough year. 6 chemos that have, thankfully had an impact, thank you to Prof Vogl for all his work in 2008 and to Dr D for working with me on gaining some more time. A special thanks to Pat, with out whom I would not be here. She lost her wonderful Tony but found a miracle, Such a shame Tony didn't get to experience it.

To my friends who are always there when I need them, Tina, Chrissy, Wendy, Jayne, Avis, Maryann, Caitlin and Mandy. Such great people who have helped me so much, Jayne especially with her roasts and Friday night egg and chips and Chrissy for her meals she brought around. Thanks to Mandy and her husband, Dave for helping me out with searching for a new car.

Thank you to my sister, Wendy, for being with me when I had the chemo, Thank you to my children for treating me as mum and not a cancer patient. Mum's taxi, mum does the shopping and all the normal things that mums do, I love you very much.

And most of all, Thank you Theo for allowing me another Christmas with my wonderful babies, This is the best gift ever.

I hope 2013 brings hope and love to all those who are dealing with mesothelioma.We want it to be a year to remember, the year we had a cure for mesothelioma. I am going before this turns into a Hollywood speech, Have a great Christmas and love to all of you x x x

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