Monday, 17 December 2012

Wonderful surprise.

 I went to the cemetery this morning, it is my dad's 74th birthday today. I had a few tears as I told him how much I miss him. I didn't heve to wait lobg for a sign.

2 beautiful rainbows appeared in the sky outside my kitchen window, this made me feel so much better. I felt that my dad was very close. I love him so much and miss him even more. Wouldn't it be lovely if the first picture of the heart monument was true. I think I would wear out the stairs.
 Later on in the afternoon there was a knock at the door, it was the postie. He handed me a large package, I recognised the writing right away, my lil sis's in Barrow, Angela and Tracey, what have they been up to this year?? Last year I had a mug with a willy on it..... Mmmmmm....what will be in this one. I was pleasantly surprised, At first I thought they had bought me a pair of Nike trainers, No they hadn't, they had glued pictures on the front of the box. "This is something special" I thought.
 I opened it and it was like the cartoons when someone is in love, all hearts appear from the box, all floating in the air, that is how I felt. I could feel all the love and passion coming from this large Nike box. I was full of letters, cards and gifts collected from warriors. I had tears in my eyes, the messages were wonderful. If only these people knew just how much they help me get through this illness every day. How they help me to fight on and march forward, looking for a cure. Special people who have lost loved ones and still find the time to support people like me who have the disease. Their friendship is invaluable, this is my family, these are the people who care.
 I have had to fire my Christmas tree fairy as I now have a warrior star, that was in the box too. I may have found a new job for her otherwise she has to go on the social now.
 Another package arrived today as well, from my lovely friend in the USA, Polly. She is my twin, why I hear you ask??? Because we mirror each other when we get poorly, we go in hospital the same times, get ill the same times so it was inevitable we would be twins.
Polly sent me the lovely dragonfly charm, this will be going in my new car. She also sent me a tree ornament with the hugs and love sign. This is lovely.
Thank you so much my warrior friends, Jan, Dainne, Mavis, Jan E, Jan W, Jenny, Angela, Tracey M, Tracy G, Linda, Judith, Lise, Steve and Linda and of course, Miss Polly Wolly doodle in the good 'ol USA. I love you, you are amazing. I will toast my warrior friends tonight. You have brighten a sad day, thank you so much x x x

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