Friday, 30 March 2012

Early rise.

It is 5:26am, I have got stuck into my goody bag that Linda gave me, It has crisps, biscuits, chocolates, fruit and nut and a bottle of water. I am also chatting to my lovely friend, Polly, on facebook. I will probably be wiped out again later but will have a nap before I go and meet more wonderful people : )


I got up at 3:45am for my journey to London. I did my usual worry and was looking for my lead to connect the camera to the computer. After much fuffing around I decided to buy another one at the airport. The airport transport arrived promptly at 5:00am and I started my journey London.
I met Christina at the airport, she runs IATP which is an asbestos training provider. She is talking at the conference too. I got to check in, told the girl I had special assistance to which the reply was "well you don't have a wheel chair" although it was written on the screen. I should have pushed it but I really couldn't be bothered with her ignorance.
We went to first class where I mentioned I should have assistance. The lady there took my details and we settled down for a coffee and some breakfast, well a bowl of fruit.
When it was time to leave there was no one around so Christine and I made our own way to the gate. When we got on we were in 2 different areas. We made sure we walked around to each others pod as we were in first class : )
Our flight was delayed for an hour and a half so we didn't leave till about 1pm, we were supposed to leave at 11:30am. This was due to a computer failure so the whole lot had to be rebooted and checked again.
While waiting to leave I had a eureka moment...... The camera lead, I remembered where it was, It is in my case, in my shoe. No wonder I couldn't find it!!!
My entertainment system didn't work. The cabin staff tried to reboot it but it wouldn't do anything so I decided to have a couple of hours sleep.
I woke up and went to see Christine who had got no sleep. We decided to swap pods as I could then watch TV and she could sleep in my pod. I watched "my week with Marilyn" which was a charmingly sad fim. The girl who played Marilyn Monroe was so good that it could have been Marilyn on screen.
After that I watched "Jack and Jill" with Adam Sandler. So funny although I missed the end of it due to us landing.
So I have gone from 3:45am to 11:30pm with 2 hours sleep...... yawn!!!
We got assistance the LA end as the the girls were disgusted that I didn't get it at the UK end. Someone famous got off the plane first with his girl friend, some guy called Jessie Metcalfe, I had to google who he was. I wish I had taken more notice now : )

I have a slight snooze in the hotel room for about 30 minutes and then a quick change to meet Linda for dinner at a mexican place. We had people from 5 nations there, all coming together to fight the injustice of asbestos. I was flagging by 8pm LA time, which was about 1am UK time. By the time I got back to the hotel it was probably about 3:45am LA time so that would be 22 hours with no sleep, Mmmmm.... should be interesting. I managed to get to sleep but was wide awake at 10:00am UK time which is 2:00am LA time. I am doing this blog and will then get some ZZZzzzz's. See you tomorrow x x x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

.... and breathe!!!!

Wow, what a busy day, I had work this morning, 10 till 1. Had a couple of messages through from media. The story was out about the families who went to the high court about when payments should be started from. 5 judges ruled that it should be from the time a person inhales the dust. Such a tainted victory for these warriors. They have stuck with this injustice and won...well done all of you.
I did 2 radio interviews, a local paper interview and a TV interview. The TV one was supposed to go out tonight but it didn't. No worries, I am so proud of those families.
I had a call about returning to work which I had forgot about... Do'h.
I eventually got out to get some shopping at 3pm. I wanted to make sure Siobhan and David had enough things in the house and the cats had enough food.
I got home, dropped off the shopping and then off out to Kieran's school for parents evening..... phew...... Home again, with the Bean and his dad as I had bought the Bean a new phone because his dad has put his through the wash.
They missed the bus, waited for the next one, went to get it and 30 minutes later to say it hadn't turned up. I go again on the car to drop them off.
I have now settled down, no cooking, we had a takeaway Indian curry. I finished off my talk for the conference and am ready to finish my packing.

Passport - Check
Travel insurance and letter from Dr - Check
E-ticket - Check
Conference information - Check
Talk and power point - Check

I think that is it. I am going to get an early night tonight as I will be away at 5 tomorrow morning. Bye my warrior friends, see you in LA : )

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lovely night with the girls.

Avis's dogs, Billy and Daisy... so cute x
A few of my wonderful friends... Chrissy, Jayne, Avis and little 'ol me : )

I haven't done much today, my right shoulder has been playing up, not sure why so its back to the pain killers.
I went out to Avis's house with Chrissie and Jayne this evening. We had a pizza and a movie night, we watched super 8, not realy sure what I think of it, it seemed to be a tribute to so many monster and alien movies and had a ring of stand by me to it.
I decided I would wear a new skirt this evening, it was in the sales at Tescos. I put it on and found it was very tight to walk in. I kept thinking that when I take it off it will be in the charity bag or on ebay as I could hardly stride in it. Getting in the car was another matter, I had to ride it up to my thighs to even get in and sit down....bloody skirt.
It is a nice one, a pin striped. Well, I struggle out of the car and up the stairs at Avis's house. It is annoying me now. I needed a wee so went to the bathroom, the skirt was so tight, as I lifted it up....crack....... a stitch went. Stupid me, it was stitched were the split was!!! How dumb am I, oh well, something to tell the grand children, if I ever have any.
I had a lovely evening with the girls, got home at 11:45pm. not too bad, the clocks change hour less in the day...... not so bad, it's an hour closer to going to LA : )

Friday, 23 March 2012

Another beautiful day.

The sun is gorgeous today, it is like a summers day. I went to Kieran's assembly this morning, his class were doing a question of sport in their own style. Kieran was the quiz master, he was really good. As it is sports relief today, all the children brought in a £1 and wore red.
Kieran made the assembly laugh when he corrected his teachers spelling mistake.
After the assembly I went to see my friend Celia. She has just come out of hospital.
After having a coffee and chat with Celia, I went home and met Siobhan, we picked up a couple of her parcels and then went to have a bite of lunch. My cheese baguette was a very welcome lunch, I had been pining for one all morning.
We had lunch, did some shopping and then came home, it is such a lovely day and I hope it lasts.
I had my hair trimmed yesterday, it is growing really quick now. Jacqui, my hairdresser friend, dyed my fringe black and the back of my hair black. I am going to dye the rest red. I am trying to get it back to how it was before the chemo kicked it out.
Over the weekend I am going to start packing for LA. I am so excited, I leave on Thursday and am back on Monday..... Wonderful : )

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Beautiful day today.

The wonderful Meso tree x x
Saltram house in the bank ground and me flanked by daffs.
Shirley and I.
Beautiful Daffodils.

Shirley's gorgeous cats.

Kieran went off to school, he wasn't keen to go. He said he had a bad ankle from doing something yesterday, He only mentioned it this morning, dear little chap, trying to limp around the house and get me to say what is wrong, I am a cruel muvmuv : )
He eventually mentioned it, I told him I would take him to school in the car as he said he may have problems walking to the us stop. That was a definite no!!! He wants to get on his bus and do it all by himself, He came home this afternoon and hasn't said a word..... Hhhmmmm.... Maybe I was right, maybe he was faking it, I know one thing, his acting is terrible, he won't be winning any Oscars any time soon : )

I did a bit of house work and then went out to meet Shirley, her husband has mesothelioma. She is so frightened, terrified of losing him. It is so sad to see what this disease does to people. I got lost....of course..... had to ring Shirley, she came to meet me, I wasn't far off were she lived.
We went to Saltram park, such a beautiful day, the daffodils were out, a beautiful smiling yellow greeted us, so lovely. We had lunch and then had a wonder to the meso tree, it is looking so good, so healthy. All the snowdrops have finished now but the weeds are thriving at the base of the tree : )
After our lovely afternoon, I dropped Shirley back to her place, I know where it is now.... I had a coffe and met 2 of her gorgeous cats. Mike, her husband was there, he was looking well and was looking forward to their holiday they had booked.
I said goodbye to Shirley and Mike and went to Matalan to get Kieran some red clothes for Friday, it is sports relief day so he will be wearing red, found a nice dress for LA....Well why not, made my way home in time to meet the Bean who is now fully recovered.
I am off out tonight with my friend, Tina. She goes to Japan next week to meet her new Grand daughter, how exciting, so we will mostly be chatting about our trips. Tomorrow I have work, I am feeling more confident that I was when I first went back. I have such a lovely team, such a shame we all get moved around so much, but for now, I am enjoying being with them.

I have started the Royal Marsden courses again. I did it last year, working with Mesothelioma Uk to answer questions from a patients point of view for the nurses who are studying. It is really interesting and the questions deal with lots of issues concerning mesothelioma, I am so proud to be asked to take part again.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Card from Rich x x

I had a lovely card from Rich, Kerri and the girls, such gorgeous words and a very pretty cards, thanks both of you x x

I saw this sign in work and thought it was lovely.

Work is going well, I am feeling much more confident about going back. I am only doing 2 hours at the moment. Next week it goes up to 3 hours, the team I am on are wonderful, they have welcomed me and even invited me on their team night out. We are going bowling and then out for something to eat.
I am getting my eyebrows topped up today, they will all be healed by the time I go to the USA next week, I can't believe it is only a week away!!!

Kieran and I are going to my friend, Chrissie's for tea. What a wonderful day : )

Monday, 19 March 2012

Work today.

Kieran got up and got ready for school, he has new trousers. He is growing so fast, he is so like Richard, tall and skinny. Trousers are the right length but enormous around the waist. Thank goodness for adjustable waist bands : )
I went off to work for my 2 hours, ordered a new phone, the iphone 4S, should be interesting. I will have to learn how to use it as I am a real technophobe. Terrible for someone who works for a mobile phone company : )
I got back from work and met with Siobhan and her boyfriend, David, getting ready go out. They were going in town. I offered them a lift as I was going in, we went in, ambled around some charity shops, which we love doing, and then had some lunch. I left them on their journey and went on to do my few chores, well not so much chores. I had a voucher from my sister, Wendy, fr Christmas and thought it was about time I cashed it in. I bought some make up, Urban Decay, such lovely colours and good stuff.
I got a few bits for next week as I am off to LA on Thursday 29th for Linda's conference.
I got home in time to meet Kieran. I did tell him I was in town and would take him home if he wanted to meet me but no, he didn't want that, he is enjoying going on the bus on his own.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers day.

Siobhan's beautiful card.

My little Bean's special card.

To all mums, TOF mums, Meso Mums and my friends, have a wonderful day.
To all those who don't have their mums, I am sending you so much love today on what must be a very painful day for you. Special thoughts go to Robert and his family who lost Ronny, Anita's family in Australia and Julie and her family, also from Australia. Your angel mums are watching over you x x x

I have had a lovely day with Siobhan and Kieran. Not done much, went to see my sister and then back home to my lovely babies. I had a beautiful hand made card from Siobhan, so very special, not another one like it in the world. Kieran got me a card and wrote such beautiful things in it and Siobhan got me 2 bars of Cadbury's fruit and nut.
Not heard from Rich, I think he is busy with the girls, treating their mum to a fabulous day, well I hope so : )
The best gift, and I know I keep saying it, is being here for my 6th mother's day since diagnosis.
We are having pizza for tea as a treat, no cooking today : )
Thank you babies for a lovely day and for making it very special x x x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patricks day.

Happy St Patrick's day to all my family and FB friends, especially my son Richard who is spending his first one in Ireland ................

............... And for all you dog lovers.......
Lunch with Celia x x

Celia and I.
My lunch, I took Celia round some a peice of carrot cake and some elderflower brew as well, makes a change from water : )
My lovely friend, Celia is just getting over a knee replacement operation. She has had complications with the op but is now getting over it and hoping to be home tomorrow.
As she is unable to get out anywhere at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea to have lunch with her, So I took mine in and sat with her. We chatted about work, she is off sick too. She is hoping to be out of hospital tomorrow. She has had a lot of heart ache over the past few months, losing her lovely husband and then having all this to contend with. She does it all with a smile. I enjoyed being with her today, it has been a while since we got together. I am sure we will be making up for it : )
When I left the hospital I saw the Devon Air Ambulance take off. What a wonderful service this is, all funded by charity. So proud to see it, it makes me smile everytime it flies past. It is helping to save someones life and who knows when we may need it one day. One of the essential services that needs to be funded by the government.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Well done Janelle!!!

I am so pleased to hear that my warrior friend, Janelle, in the USA has had good news with her latest CT scan. It is also her birthday today, what a wonderful gift. I hope she has a fabulous day.
Well done my friend, so proud of you x x x

Asbestos related claims exempt from no win no fee litigation.

Anyone claiming on the no win no fee basis who has an asbestos related disease have today been told their claims won't be affected by the new litigation rules.

"Peers in the House of Lords have voted for sufferers of asbestos-related disease to be exempt from reforms to no win, no fee litigation.

The House of Lords yesterday agreed two amendments to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders bill, allowing claimants continued access to conditional fee agreements.

An amendment for damages claims for respiratory disease arising from industrial exposure to a harmful substance to be exempt from the government’s proposed reforms, was passed by 189 votes to 158. A further amendment, to exempt claimants with a disease, condition or illness resulting from a breach of duty at work, scraped through by five votes.

Under the proposals, claimants would keep 100% of their damages whilst defendants cover their after-the-event insurance premium and lawyer’s success fee.

Crossbencher Lord Alton of Liverpool, who moved the first amendment, explained that without recoverable insurance premiums, these cases would not be able to proceed.

He said: ‘It is simply fallacious to argue that making claimants pay costs will mean that they will shop around for the best deal. Dying asbestos victims have already invested enough, and, given their pitiable condition, it is risible to suggest that they will shop around.

‘Terminally ill and dying people will simply not have the energy, and they have other things on their mind than looking for a lawyer to give them a better rate.’

Plaid Cymru’s Lord Wigley said: ‘The only people who will be squeezed as a result of these changes are those who are already suffering from fatal diseases and their families. That does not sound like justice to me.’

Government minister Lord McNally said it was wrong to create ‘classes of claimants’ in the pursuit of a fairer overall system, and he urged peers to accept LASPO reforms in full.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) welcomed the amendment but said it does not go far enough.

'This is obviously good news for victims of industrial disease and it is imperative that the government does not overturn these important amendments when the debate returns to the House of Commons,' said Deborah Evans, chief executive of APIL.

'It is still, however, a devastating blow for justice that the same degree of consideration was not given to the proposals for other innocent victims of injury, whose lives may also have been shattered through no fault of their own.'

The amendments, following a series of government defeats on the provision of legal aid last week, will be returned to the House of Commons for further consideration. But Wednesday’s two votes were the only victories for opponents of part 2 of LASPO, which focuses on civil litigation reforms based on the Jackson report of 2010.

Further amendments on exemptions for international human rights cases and judicial reviews were not taken forward.

A bid to retain conditional fee agreements for cases involving companies in administration or liquidation - with the government often the main creditor - was also turned away, although McNally said ministers were looking at further proposals for this issue.

He added: ‘I do not believe it is acceptable to say that CFA reform is good for everyone else, but is not good for the government.’

Amendments to the government’s proposed ban on referral fees in personal injury cases were largely saved for the next reading of the bill in the House of Lords.

One amendment, exempting not-for-profit organisations from the ban, was debated but was not moved. McNally told the house there was a danger of trade unions, charities and others having a ‘sweetheart relationship’ with a firm of solicitors based on referral fees.

Earlier in the day, an amendment arguing that someone entitled to legal aid should be able to get advice in several ways, including through face-to-face meetings, passed by 28 votes.

Another amendment, blocking government plans to force asbestos victims to use some of their damages to pay legal bills, also succeeded.

Human rights charity Amnesty International said the reforms would place justice beyond the reach of individuals who are victims of human rights abuse, and offer impunity to corporations with greater resources to fight cases.

In a letter to peers, Kate Allen, director of Amnesty International UK, said: ‘It is outrageous that a government which professes to want to promote “responsible capitalism” is giving carte blanche to powerful goliath companies to abuse human rights.’

However Tracy Head, a partner at insurance firm Kennedys, said it was important the government’s measures were accepted in full rather than picked at in isolation. ‘It is vital to take a holistic approach and view the individual measures as part of a collective,’ she said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Justice has guaranteed that conditional fee agreements will be valid if taken out before the reforms come into force on 1 April 2013. An amendment tabled by the justice minister Lord McNally last week had implied that the changes, based on the 2010 Jackson report, could take effect retrospectively.

In the third sitting of the bill’s report stage on Monday, the government defeated amendments that would have kept public funding for all immigration matters and for debt case".

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Work, lunch and blood test.

I went into work today, so pleased to be asked to go on the team night out. We will be going bowling and then off for something to eat. I learnt about swapables which are apps on Orange, android and an ice cream sandwich (????) ...... yes, you heard right!!! It is a version of android which is a google system that works with phones and tablet computer. Also included in that are ginger bread and lollipop, what ever next : )

After work I met my friend, Mandy, for lunch. I met Mandy at Endsleigh garden centre, she is such good company, we have been friends a long time.

After lunch it was off to the Dr's for a blood test. I will get the results next week. Work next week is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday again. 2 hours each day, the week after it goes up to 3 hours. I am amazed at how much has changed with mobiles in 2 and 1/2 years.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mothers day activities with Kieran.

I have work this morning, Just for 2 hours, I am enjoying being back and am making new friends.
This afternoon I am going to see Kieran in his school. The school has a mothers day activities afternoon. I am looking forward to it, not many more days left like this as he is growing up so fast. I might just squeeze one in next year : )
Kieran talked to me about when he leaves school this morning. So lovely, he said "I bet your happy that you may see me leave school next year and see my leavers assembly". Yes I am happy, it is just over a year away, I don't usually like thinking that far ahead but thought how lovely of him to think of that. I am so proud of him, he has had a lot to come through and is coping well.
I am very happy about getting to another Mothers day and I know I always say it but I do have the best gift ever. I hope to see many more, I am very proud of my children. Siobhan is doing well with her business, Rich is settled with his new family and the Bean, well, always surprising me. I am also very proud that I am still here with you all. Theo has ben a gem, I hope he continues to look after me. : )

Monday, 12 March 2012

Work again today.

I was only in work for an hour and a half today as I had a medical assessment at 12pm.
All went well with the Dr. He is going to write a report to occupational health. It looks like I will be on reduced hours for 8 weeks and then build up to the normal amount.
I went to Kieran's school and sorted out the issues that he had and then went home, had a bite of lunch and crashed out on the sofa. I slept like a log, must have needed it.
Tomorrow is going to be lovely, I am in school with Kieran having a mothers, sisters, aunties and grandma's afternoon. I will be making cakes with him. I will take the camera and get some pictures. I am so pleased to be spending another mothers day with my children.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lovely sunny day.

Stork and Amber sunning themselves today.

Stork is fascinated by a ladybug. : )

Yesterday I felt miserable, could have cried all day long. I feel so lonely even though I have my children and my friends around me. I look at my hair all curly and I know I shouldn't moan as there are people worse off than me. I feel so unattractive and unwanted. Having this illness sometimes makes me more angry than other times. The usual questions, why me, why now, why anyone? Well, it is me, it is now and anyone could be exposed. I have to get positive again. I am going to focus on LA and make sure I have a fabulous time. Going first class on the plane will be wonderful, something else to tick off the bucket list. Meeting Barbara McQueen will be an absolute honour, she is the widow of the king of cool, Steve McQueen. Meeting Linda again will be fantastic and meeting USA warriors that I only get to speak to on FB.

Today the sun has been shining beautifully. The cats were sunning themselves in the garden, so lovely to be able to sit there and watch them play.
Kieran went to his friends for a couple of hours. I picked him up as he missed his bus and dropped him back home then went on to my friend Jayne's house for a lovely roast, well mine is all veg but still lovely.
Tomorrow I am back to work but first, over to school.
Tuesday I ahve the medical assessment were I will have to think about Theo again. He has been quiet which is great but I hate being reminded that he is around.
I have been feeling so tired in the afternoons, fell asleep today, I must need it. Going back to work has been tiring although I haven't done much. I think it is getting back into a more structured day.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Home today.

No work today, just going to chill out. Next week i will be at work for the 2 hours each day again, that is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Got Kieran's school mothers day afternoon which I am looking forward too.
I have been in touch with Virgin about my mesothelioma and am going to have support from them to get from check in to the gate, oooohhh, might be on one of those buggies watching all the other people walk to their destination. I know I will feel a fraud but as the lady said on the phone, it is a 15 minute walk to some gates. Will get support in LA too.
It will also help with my anxiety as I know i will panic not getting to the gate, Heathrow is huge.
Not long to go, I am so excited.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Work again today.

I am back in work again today, 10-12 not on the phones but learning about all the changes in the 2 and 1/2 years I haven't been there. I am enjoying but am feeling the fatigue afterwards. This week has been quite hard but I will get through, it ready for the next one.
I have seen many of my friends, so good to be in touch again.
I am going to see my lovely friend, Becky, afterwards. She has just had a little baby, a sister for her little boy. She is a sweet girl and I have missed her. Not sure if she will be returning to work. I am sure we will have a good chat and a catch up later.
I have my E-ticket for LA, at last!!! I rang and rang yesterday, got no where. One call from Linda in the US and there it was. She is so good, can't wait to see her again.
Visa nearly sorted and insurance cover, always a difficult one, to be sorted. £144 for the year which is good but I need to find out if I am covered as terminal illnesses are given thousands of pounds for cover. It is to do with having less than a year to live. I think I maybe outside of that bracket, my oncologist seems to think so anyway. If not, I will find one that will.

Oh well.... time to go and do my hair, it's driving me crazy but it is growing fast. I am getting to a good point with it now so it is safe from the clippers, I do so miss my wigs though.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Morning from a facebook free house.

I logged on this morning and found that facebook was down. I will now have to get a life : )
I am not working today, back in tomorrow. I can certainly feel the difference. I feel wiped out when I come home and I can hear all my warrior friends shouting at the screen, "take it easy" as that is what I do ; )
The meso meeting is today, it will be good to catch up with all the local warriors. Siobhan is doing so well setting up the website for the group. We went to see Kate, the specialist nurse yesterday. The charity is going well too, All added to companies house, Richard from the National asbestos helpline (NAH) and I are seeing our plans come into fruition. We both hope it takes off and is a success.
Still waiting for my E-ticket from Virgin. I am a panic merchant and will be OCD'd up soon if it doesn't come through. I have a new passport so hope that it will calm me a bit and stop me continuously looking at the date!
So much going on this month, all for the good : )

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Work today, off tomorrow.

I went to work for a couple of hours yesterday and off agin today. I am doing 10 to 12 at the moment. I am waiting to see what the medical assessment Dr says as this will gauge what my work place puts in place for me. It is good getting back to work and I have to say that Orange have been amazing, so very supportive.

kieran is doing well with his travel training, he is keen to go on every route possible with the buses. I am not sure i am ready for that yet. I know he wants to do it but one step at a time : )
Siobhan and I are meeting the specialist nurse at the mustard tree this afternoon. Siobhan is creating a web page for the new group. The new charity I am setting up with Richard from the National Asbestos Helpline is moving forward too, we have it all registered at companies house, just a matter of time now before we launch it. Such an exciting time.

Sunday, 4 March 2012



"On behalf of Mesothelioma UK I would like to thank you very much for taking the time to complete the survey. I confirm that any details that you give on the survey that may identify you will be anonymised.
I would like to also thank the Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund for providing a grant to assist with the funding of this project. If you would like to receive a summary of the final report please provide your email or postal address at the end of the survey".

Yours sincerely
Liz Darlison
Macmillan Consultant Nurse

Saturday, 3 March 2012

What a great week.

Work yesterday was good. I had 2 hours of finding out what had changed and seeing more faces I knew. So good to be back, I have missed being in work. I have a medical assessment on 12th March with the Dr appointed by occupational health. Until I see the Dr, things will be very easy as my manager wants to be guided on how to re-train me.
I am back in again on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 2 hours each day. Yesterday I came home and fell asleep on the sofa. I will soon get used to the work routine.
Today has been pretty quiet, Kieran was supposed to be with his dad for the weekend but they have had a disagreement so he is back home. While writing this, Kieran has decided to go back to his dad's. I think he just loves the bus rides. He got a bus from his dad's, went into the city centre, got a bus to ours. He is now getting a bus to Crownhill, a village near us and then down to St budo. So I will be Beanless this weekend.
All is very quiet, I am just going to enjoy it before Monday's return to work. I am looking forward to Friday as Kieran has a mother's day afternoon at his school for Mum's, Sister's and Aunties. Should be fun : )

Good luck to my lovely friend Mavis who had her scan yesterday, I hope all is good with the results.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Back to work.

My verion of the Phantom of the opera, Masks on sale at Plymouth Garden Centre.
A dear little toad found in our garden.
New cat flap, not sure they like it.
Kaz, the canteen manager and I in Orange call centre.

Yesterday was a lovely day, the sun was shining and I made arrangements to go to lunch with my friend, Mandy. She is an amazing lady who does her own dialysis at home.
I admire who so much. She has coped with a lot of illnesses and inspires me to be as brave and strong as she is.
We went to the local garden centre. We had a chat about our families and watched 2 little robins look for scraps at the tables, I got home around 2 and got myself ready to see my other friend, Carolyn. I haven't seen her for a while so it was another catch up.
I got home in time to meet Kieran, he has been travel training and is doing very well to sort out his bus to and from school. We have road resurfacing work going on at the moment so he has a longer walk to the bus stop.

Today has been exciting. I went back to work!! It has been 2 and 1/2 years since I last worked. I have to say that Orange has been very supportive with my time off. I went in today to do a return to work and check out what has changed in the time I have been away. It was lovely to see so many friendly and familiar faces who had a cherry smile and a welcome.
I am going back in tomorrow for a couple of hours. I am on a phase return which means I will gradually build up to my hours.
I got home to see that Mr Right price windows had been and changed our back door window. We had glass in the bottom part of the door and I thought it would be better to get a cat flap put in the bottom as the door has to be left open so the cats can get in. We have a cat flap in the conservatory but having the back door open all the time makes the house very chilly. Not sure the cats are too keen, they hate change.

One of my childhood heros died yesterday. Davy Jones from the Monkees passed away. He was my very first love, I would have been about 8 years old when the Monkees were on TV in the 60's and I fell in love. RIP Davy, may sleepy Jean live on in heaven x x

Tributes also to David Rathband, he was blinded Moat, an idiot who decided he would play God. Moat took the easy way out and killed himself but this poor man was left with torment and pain. No one would blame him for wanting to get out of this prison. RIP David, such a brave soul. Be at peace now x x x