Saturday, 28 April 2012

Workers Memorial Day

Today is a very sad day, all over the world people will be remembering all those killed at work and the families left behind.
My dad was one of these people. He worked with asbestos which changed both of our lives. So hard to believe that so little has changed since then, yes, 55 countries have banned the importing/exporting of asbestos but there are still countries who choose to do just that when they have the knowledge to hand that tells them the dangers with this mineral.
I hope all the events around the world have an impact on those still peddling asbestos and those managements who still put workers at risk can wake up and give the workers the protection they need. When I here such sad stories of young men killed by cranes or machinery, it makes me wonder why things like this have to happen. Not only is someone's life taken far too soon but the families are left devistated. Families against corporate killers (FACK) are one group who do get their voices heard.
I made a video last night, a new hobby of mine. It includes pictures of people killed or exposed to carcinogens in the work place.
I hope the voice is very loud today and the families are taken notice of.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wow, what is happening to my blog????

My blogger format is completely different, Google has been playing, got to work out where everything is now!!
I went into work today, I was going on the phones for an hour but as most of my colleagues were in training I just listened to calls. The day seems so much longer. It has been agreed that I up my hours from 12 to 16 next week and see how I go. Today I came home a flopped out on the sofa. I was out for an hour, so tired. I am hoping it will get better the longer I go on.

I will be on the phone for 2 hours each day and it will be 4 days next week.

Kieran seems alright at school, he has had some comments shouted to him but we are keeping notes and he is telling his teacher. I will keep track of it.

Tomorrow I don't have work, nothing till Monday so a really good rest and relax is in order : )

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Up early and off to Radio Devon.

Radio Devon with Matt Woodley.
Radio Plymouth with Gordon sparks.

I was up at 6am this morning, unbelievable!!! Can't believe I was in my car by 6:40am and at the BBC studios at 6:50am.
I am talking about the latest news on the compensation claims. I agree there has to be something done as this is a culture, but it was created by lawyers and who will still benefit? Lawyers!!! They won't be affected at all, they will still tout for business and make even worse adverts than they have now.
Mesothelioma and other life threatening illnesses need to be separate from the broken arm or whiplash. A life cannot be seen the same as a broken arm.
It is being debated today, I hope the MP's do the sensible thing and target the people who abuse this which is mainly the lawyers.
Good luck to my lovely friend Mavis who is doing media her end as well.

I am off to work today, start at 9:30am and will be on the phones for an hour. Off to school for a meeting at 2:45 pm so I hope things get sorted for Kieran.
Tomorrow will be a day to relax, well I hope. Day off from work so catching up with washing and housework.

Monday, 23 April 2012

A very, very busy day today.

I was up early today to get ready for school this morning but before that I had to get my neighbour to move her daughter's car away from my garage. This was done, no problems at all. I am so lucky to have such good neighbours. I then got Kieran up and ready for school, he wanted to get the bus, I did offer him a lift but he loves to get the bus in. When I got there I waited to speak to Kieran's teacher and made sure he was safe before I left. Then it was off to work, in all the commotion I had left my work stuff behind. I listened to calls and did some refresh training on the computer, tomorrow i will be on the phones for an hour.

I left work and had a call from the local radio. They are doing a piece about the mesothelioma compensation claimants giving 25% to lawyers.
When I had finished talking, I made my way home. Siobhan was out, just me and the cats. I got some washing and before I knew it Kieran was home. Just like it, his TV isn't working so it was call Argos and speak to technical support. TV is faulty, it is only 4 months old so still under warranty. I then had to search for the receipt which I duly kissed when I found it. Off to Argos I go to get another one, home with the TV and set it up....phew....all done... Now to try and relax and think about the early start in the morning. Off to the radio station for an interview about the same subject, home again then off to work. Hopefully a less busy day tomorrow.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Home : )

Well....we are home, we got up a little later this morning, got dressed and had breakfast and then waited to hear from Jane and Ed. We met them for a coffee before we left, such a lovely couple. They have been so kind to us this weekend, Kieran has said it is one of his best days ever.
We will definitely be seeing them again, I met Jane's mum yesterday and her niece who is so sweet, I actually thought she was a Princess : ). I also met Jane's little nephew, so lovely to meet her family. Such a shame we are brought together through heart ache. Jane lost her dad to mesothelioma a little over a year ago, we have been in touch for a couple of years. It is always lovely to meet people but like I said before, I wish it was under different circumstances.
Kieran and I have felt to welcomed by Jane, Ed and Jane's mum. I think we will all stay friends for a long time.
Ed made Kieran a CD of the show he did yesterday and included his jingles which he will use on his own show. He is so proud of his achievement this weekend and has every right to be, I know I am too.
I think it has inspired him to get his show going again. It was so good to let Kieran be independent, not bothering him and letting him ask questions, I stayed out of the way and let him work with Ed. My baby is growing up!!!

Kieran is back to school with hopefully no issues and I am back to work, another hour on the phones tomorrow and hopefully some lovely customers like last week.
The gas boiler seems to be doing its job, so it's a nice soak in the bath, after a veggie curry and a relax on the sofa, home sweet home.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

St George's day, in pictures.

DJ Kidsan gets his official T-shirt, he is now part of Team Radio Nova.
While Ed and Kieran sorted out the outside broadcast, Jane and I hit the shops, charity shops, my favourite thing to do : )
On the way we met the local constabulary. This police man was kind enough to let me have a picture with him.
Karly and Dale, the first two presenters this morning.
The St George's day parade, Jane, Kierana nd I watched as Newport city centre became a stage.
I got a picture with Peter, the town crier. He was a very cheeky chappy!
Ooppps.... I think I've
St George and his apprentice : )
Is he seeing double?
The children came along in fancy dress and won the prizes for best costume.
The dragon has the damsel, can St George save her?
Naughty dragon!!!!
Ed, Kieran and Jane get ready for the show.
DJ Kidsan on the radio.
Ed and his new side kick, Kieran.
The Jane, Kieran and Ed show, according to Kieran, he has sacked Ed.
Kieran enjoying what he is doing.
Jane and I with our lovely tiaras.
Kieran did another show later with Alex. Thanks Alex for supporting him.
Something to eat after such a busy and exciting day.
The fabulous warriors, Jane and Ed. Thank you so much for allowing Kieran to experience what goes on behind the scene of a radio show and for letting him be a part of it all. We will definitely be seeing you both again. We have both enjoyed this weekend so much.

Off to Telford and a surprise for Kieran.

Bye bye bad boiler!!!!
Off to Telford with my Bean : )
Jane and Ed sharing the warriors award from ADAO : )
Gizmo, one of Jane and Ed's cats

To listen to Radio Nova click on the link below and it will download to your computer.

Kieran and I were up early to ready ourselves for Telford. I am meeting Jane and her husband, Ed, for the first time after chatting on Facebook for around 4 years. Jane and Ed are meso warriors, Jane lost her dad to mesothelioma a little over a year ago. I am so excited about our first meet, it is like seeing a long lost sister. Meeting warriors is always wonderful but I do wish it was in different circumstances.
Siobhan and David were up and about as well because our boiler was being removed and a new one put in. (Poor Wallet still in pain from the cost!!!)
Kieran and I left at 9:30 to start our long journey from Plymouth to Telford. Our train left at 10:25, we changed at Birmingham new street and got to Telford at around 3pm. was like the time I met Heather a few weeks ago and what happens with most warriors when we meet for the first time. I spotted Jane and Ed and rushed towards Jane, poor girl, I flung my arms around her neck, hers around mine and we had tears rolling down our faces. We held onto each other so tightly, as I said before, it is like seeing a long lost sister.
Jane took us to her house and then onto have something to eat. Ed and Kieran chatted about music and radio, Kieran is so excited about being in a real studio.
We then left and went to Jane and Ed's house where Ed picked up so equipment. Then it was off to the studio. Kieran;s face lit up when he saw it. He was actually going to be sitting in front of a microphone with headphones just like a real DJ.
My heart was smiling, I was so happy that his dream was about to become a reality. After the careers teacher telling him to lower his expectations to shelf filling, this was one in the eye for him : )
Jane, Kieran and I left Ed to sort out the studio....... STUDIO!!!! Wow, it is so wonderful.
Jane too us to her house to meet her 2 cats and await Ed's return. Poor Ed was so busy but I could see just how much he enjoys what he does, this little radio station is run by volunteers, it is for the community. Ed eventually arrived home, he chatted to Kieran and then came the surprise.... Kieran is hosting the Jane and Ed show tomorrow between 12 and 2, maybe longer!!! Kieran's face was a picture, he couldn't believe it. How proud am I as well, this was wonderful, what a lovely thing to do. So DJ KIDSAN will be in dad house today!!!
Radio Nova, thank you so much Jane and Ed, how wonderful it is to see Kieran so grown up and doing something on his own. I sat back and left him to it. I will add pictures to the blog and add a link for anyone who would like to listen in. The radio show will be on all day as it is St George's day, Lots of celebrations but I will be celebrating something more special, seeing DJ Kidsan work his magic : )

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Packing for Shropshire, gas boiler and very naughty cats!

1st hour on the phones for 2 and 1/2 years
Thieving kitties!!!

Well, I did it!!! I had my first hour on the phones since August 2009!!
I was so nervous but O got a lovely lady who was very gentle with me. She was lovely. My friend, Nikki, sat with me while I took the calls. The time just flew by. I will be on for an hour again on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

We have 2 crazy cats, Siobhan came into the living room and found half a birds nest??? She then went out to the shops, when she got back Amber was in the living room eating cat biscuits. Whiskas, in their wisdom, have put a free packet of biscuits in each box of 12 pouches. Madam Amber must have stolen them out of the box as she has a sneaky way into the cupboard. She is a real tea leaf.

Kieran came home from school, he has had a good day. One of the children was trying to goad him but he was very adult about it and ignored him. How much more does he have to take before something is done? I will be writing all the incidents down and hope the school support Kieran.

Tomorrow the boiler is being replaced, that is the flue as well, costing a small fortune. Kieran and I will be going to Shropshire, he will be doing a radio show. I am so looking forward to seeing Jane and Ed too x x

Poor Wallet!!!

Well, it seems the new boiler will cost us a fortune, we have to have a complete flue put in as the one in the roof space is a death trap, what do they search for when a survey is done? Is the boiler covered at all? The C O gases have been coming out for I don't know how long, probably before we moved in. Such an amateur job done. With all the sickness and hospital visits I have put off the boiler but I did call up before I went to LA and had to wait weeks for an appointment.
It is one of those "in hindsight" moments when I wish I had done it as soon as I moved in but I assumed, shouldn't really, that the boiler had a service before we got in the house. The boiler service was cancelled in 2007 so it has had nothing since then. It is one of the worst boilers to have as well, having to wait weeks for parts as they come from Germany. My friend, Tina, had one and she changed hers so I know the gas guy was being honest.
The engineers will be coming tomorrow morning to fix everything and because they have to go on the roof as well, the price is astronomical.

And then there is school, yes, what a tale that is. I know the snoops will be watching and they can feed back how unhappy I am with it all. It will be resolved, I am determined of that, I won't rest until it is. No child should have bullying in school and outside. The anti bullying policy should be enough, if I was being bullied in work, I could take out a grievance but this is school. Abuse comes in many forms, not just physical, the mental abuse is, if not more, damaging sometimes.
I am not mentioning the name of the school, the head teacher or anyone and I will not be told that I should use tough love on my son or get any stupid phone calls moaning about my comments on my own blog!!! it is a blog, thats what I do on here, BLOG!!!

Well I am going to forget about it all for the weekend as Kieran and I will have some quality time together. He has been invited on to a radio show , Radio Nova, it is on the internet, he will be on the Jane and Ed show. I have known Jane a couple of years, she is one of our warriors. She lost her dad to mesothelioma so it will be lovely to meet her at last.

Kieran will start a new week on Monday with no bullying.

Well, I am off to work today, having an hour on the phones this morning.... oooerrrr!!! I am sure it will be fine, I know some of the systems. I am just hoping my first caller will be gewntle with me : )

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What an eventful day.

Kieran didn't go to school today, there are bullying issues again which need to be sorted out before he goes back.
I went to work for 2 hours as I had British Gas coming around to check my boiler as the hot water in the bath isn't quite right. What a shock, the flue in the loft is broken, well, I say broken, I don't think it has ever been fixed up properly. The boiler itself is giving off CO 2s which are off the scale so it's no hot water or heating until it is fixed, the boiler has been condemned.
Such a shock, It upset me that I hadn't done anything about it when we moved in as I would never intentionally put my children at risk.
I didn't do it as so many other things were going on that it got pushed to the back. So pleased I have done it now but I just feel so terrible.
Tomorrow I will discuss what happens next and it looks like the work will be done on Friday when I am away. I will check with Siobhan that she is happy for it to go ahead then.

No work tomorrow and off to school in the afternoon to sort out things for the Bean.
Thursday I am at work and the Friday I am off to Wales with Kieran to see Jane and Ed. They have a radio show, I will add the link to their show on here, so if anyone wants to listen in or make a request, let me know and I will pass it on.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Busy day yesterday.

Table top and carboot sale.
The view in my car, This is Elise, my nodding cat : )
Celia with my award.

Jypsy, Celia's gorgeous new baby.

Maryann, my lovely friend.
Sylvia's cake made by my wonderful cake lady, Amanda.
Cake courtesy of Amanda's icing on the cake. Google Amanda and Mark's website.

I have started my second lot of anti-biotics. They seem to be doing the trick.
I went out to a car boot/table top sale with Siobhan and her BF David yesterday, we jostled our way through some very determined pensioners focused on a bargain and not were they were going, Push chairs rammed into the back of leg and a general free for all, yes, it's the great british bargain hunt!!!!
Siobhan found a set of Sylvanian persian cats, another of her collectables. Not much more there that we could see, too many people in a small space : )
We decided to talk a look at the charity shops along Mutley Plain, not far from the sale.
We visited them all and found some goodies in there, I found a leopard pribt top, of course I hear you say : ) Siobhan found a dress and skirt.
After that we came home and had lunch, Kieran was off to his dads. I asked him to lock up before he left, which he did, well done Bean.
I fell alseep on the sofa and woke up to a call from my friend, Celia, who I said I was going to see as she had had a knee replacement op recently. I wanted to go and see her anyway as she has a new member of the family, little Jypsy, a sweet little puppy.
Well.... Jypsy, How cute is she, she played and cuddled and eventually fell asleep on my lap. So cute. Celia is slowly getting back on her feet, still a long way to go, a lot of physio, So good to see her.
I left Celia and quickly got ready to go out and see my friend Maryann. It is her mother-in laws birthday today and last night there was a little get together for her. We had a meal and then went onto a club where we stayed the rest of the evening. I wasn't intending getting home late and looked at my phone, 11:45!!! when did that happen???
It was a good night, well a good day in-fact. I am back to work tomorrow so today I am going to chill out and catch up with things that need to be done.


Just a little note to say Get Well soon Janelle.
She is a meso warrior who is in hospital at the moment. I am sure the warriors and all at meso and me won't mind me telling Janelle that we all send her our love and strength and hope she is back on the mend very soon.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Travel link supports Mesothelioma Charities.

Andrea with Angela and I at one of our many mesothelioma UK conferences.

Andrea from travel link has done a lot for me, she has booked hotels and holidays for me and was also kind enough to donate a hotel room for one of my stays in Frankfurt when I was having treatment. I have given her todays blog to let people know about how she supports mesothelioma charities and why.

In October 2008 my world fell apart, After months of various tests, my Dad was diagnosed with Mesothelioma.

I felt at the time of diagnosis that there was absolutely no hope and that my Dad would be taken away from me without a fight. The diagnosis itself was devastating, and we all felt crushed. After the initial shock I vowed to try to make a difference by raising funds and awareness of Mesothelioma through my own travel agency Travel Link by donating money from each of our bookings to a Mesothelioma charity. To date we have raised £2060, but had wanted to raise a lot more.

My Dad responded well to his chemo, but in August 2011, after 3 years of an almost normal life my Dad was diagnosed with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in his ‘good lung’. This was followed quickly by another round of chemo which he has recently finished. Again he is doing really well.

Unfortunately, the fundraising didn’t go as well as I had hoped for and it really has been a long hard battle to even get quotes through the door.

I am now trying again to raise awareness and funds via Travel Link and am updating our facebook page with offers and information about funds raised. I have 4 main charities that I wish to help. The Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund, J.H.M.R.F, Mesothelioma UK and Debbie's 'soon to be' new charity.

My inspiration is my wonderful Dad who is incredibly brave, and also my fabulous friend Ms Debbie Brewer , who is in my eyes is a life saver; she is the one who gave me hope when there was none, and she has been there for me ever since. Every time I have needed her no matter what troubles she is facing herself, she is always there with her shoulder for me to cry on . For that I am eternally grateful.

In my own small way I want to make a difference and want to raise funds so research can continue. One day maybe there will be a cure so that no family will have to go through the horror of what we and many other meso warriors have been through.

We, through Travel Link pledge to donate a minimum of £5 for every booking made through us. I will also be doing fun runs to help raise money too!

To help us make a difference and raise money to raise awareness of Meso, to support those affected by Meso and to help fund research, please help spread the word.

Please contact me at or phone 0191 232 2200 for any quotes for your next trip.

We offer everything from day trips to round the world trips and everything in between. So whether you fancy a short break in the UK or a luxury long haul cruise, or stay at an exclusive resort or tailor made

multi - centre trip please contact us or pass our details on to your friends and family

Thank you!

Friday, 13 April 2012

3 days off!!!

Well done to my lovely friend, Mavis Nye, her blog is on the left of this page.
She has gained some of her life back. We have all been so worried about her as she was feeling so down after having a miserable diagnosis with her Dr with her latest scan. The scan was re-read after the Dr requested it and she has got a stable disease ,Well done Mavis x x x

Right, update..... I worked yesterday, did my 3 hours and have discussed going on the phones next week. Thursday I will do an hour ..... ooeerrrr!!!! I remember my first time on the phones in Orange, I was terrified, I cried like a baby after my first call. It isn't just me, everyone I talk to says the same, that initial call is awful.
This time though I have 6 years of experience behind me so it shouldn't be as bad but I am feeling nervous.
Kieran should be back to school next week but Tuesday he is staying home, he is terrified about seeing the cyber bully in school. I am happy for him to stay home and will go in on Wednesday as Tuesday I am working.

So, what to do with my 3 days???

I am not doing much today, got to get some more anti biotics as the chest infection has nearly gone but as I have a mild ache in my back, I know there is a little left.

I have booked Kieran and I on a train to Telford next week as we will be meeting Jane and Ed. I met Jane through facebook, She lost her dad to mesothelioma. Jane and Ed do a radio show on Saturdays, it is on the internet, I will add the link at the end of this blog. They have asked Kieran if he would like to come up to their show, he may even play on it, not sure. He is so excited and I am because I will meet Jane after years of chatting to her on FB.

This is the message Jane and Ed out on their FB page.


We have just announced some exciting news for Kieran Brewer from Plymouth who is going to come and visit Radio Nova on The Jane & Ed Show on Saturday 21st April. Kieran is going to come and meet the team and have a go at doing some of his own presenting. We will also be raising awareness on the Dangers of Asbestos. Keep checking this page or check our website. for further details.

We are so excited : )

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A must catch up!!!

Happy Easter x x x

I have not blogged for a couple of days, I have been working over the Easter weekend so have put the blog to the side. I really need to catch up on it all.
On Saturday I went into work and was greeted with an Easter egg from my boos which was lovely, that really made me feel part of the team.
I went to my friend, Jayne's for lunch after work yesterday. I met Chrissy, Cheryl and Viki there. We had a lovely afternoon.
All back to normal today, Kieran is back to school next Tuesday, got a few issues to sort out again but I am sure we will have no problems with that. Kieran has grown up so much, he is now traveling on buses, but he isn't obssessed!!!
He went to his dad's on Saturday, about 8pm and didn't get home till 10pm. He won't let me take him or pick him up and insists on doing everything himself. I have told him he needs to be safe so mum and dad need to know where he is. He reluctantly allows us to monitor him, not happy about it but they are the rules he has or he doesn't go, Muvmuv will take him : )

I went to a car boot sale with siobhan and her BF David, we met my friend Mandy there. Well, bargains galore!!! Siobhan found quite a few my little ponies. She tidies them up and sometimes repaints them and sells them on. She has made a really special one for her friends birthday, it has it's own design and colour, Such lovely work.

I found a telescope for Kieran as he has said he is interested in the nights sky. Not bad for £3.
Mandy found lots of little treasures for her grand daughter. A washing machine, micro wave, ironing board, I think she is going to be very busy.

Well, must get ready for work, day off tomorrow and back in on Thursday and then free till next Monday!!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

First blog on my iPad.

Ooh is catching

with me! This is the first time I have used my iPad to write

a blog, next is with the iPhone. Well,I have already buggered it up and made 3 lines out of 2 and have somehow changed the colour of the font. My poor daughter must despair with me. I will be asking her how to get myself out of these jams. Just don't leave me alone too long.


This Easter, if you planning on doing any DIY, take 5 and stay alive. The British Lung foundation have a greta campaign going which will save lives. Please be awar of asbestos, it is dangerous stuff. Some people say the white one is safer, that is the word SAFER, it is still dangerous. All asbestos is dangerous!!!!

I am off to work now, I want a bunny suit like the disturbed and weird creature in the picture : ) Yesterday I did my 3 hours, as I did on Thursday. Tomorrow I am car booting it with my friend, Mandy. Who knows what we may find.
Have a lovely weekend everyone, stay safe x x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Catch up

The picture taken by my GP in her surgery.

I went back to work today, I have a lovely team I am on. I came home and had a sleep.

After catching up with that I got ready to go to the Dr.'s. My GP is lovely, I took my award to show her, she asked if she could take a picture of me with it to put on her wall in her surgery. I was more than willing to let her. I an so pleased she is proud of me as a patient and what I am doing. She also asked if she could mention it in the surgery newsletter. I told her she could and I was happy to write a little piece if she wanted me too. We then got down to why I was at the surgery, chest infection!!! She was shocked to see that I hadn't seen her about a chest infection since last May. How good is that : )

Yesterday was busy, so much catching up to do but so good to be home. Kieran came home from his dad's. He has been loving the traveling on buses. I can't keep him in : ) I do tell him to text me where he is and what bus he is on. Yesterday morning I went to the South West Mesothelioma Support Group. It was great to see all the south west warriors. We had a picture taken with us all with my award, Such a great group.
When I got home I took Stork to the vets as he has a sore eye. All checked out by the vet who was taken with him as he is such an elegant cat.
Home again and am trying to catch up with everything.

I picked up a new phone in work today, the iPhone 4S. I will have to get technical now: )

Monday, 2 April 2012

What a weekend.

This is girl power x x x

What can I say, it has been so powerful and productive being a part of something so big and positive. I have met a lot of new friends, Fernando from Brazil is a wonderful lady. She is strong and determined to get asbestos banned in her country. She works so hard against the managements in her country who try to pull her down and discredit her. She gets back up and carries on. She is so very inspiring. When she is pushed down, she now has new friends to help her get back up.
The Italian film producer, Niccolo, who has made a very moving documentary about asbestos use all over the world. Putting himself in danger for the sake of saving lives and getting a world wide ban. He filmed workers in India and Brazil who were working for greedy managements.
At one point he interviewed a fat cat in India who went on to say the poor people needed wages so let them work. The message coming across from them was that white asbestos was safe, not harmful at all. So why aren't the greedy managers sat in an asbestos filled room if it is so safe?
Such a strong and powerful message. He recorded the Eternit trial in Italy where 2 of the biggest perpetrators wiped out an entire village. The Italian lawyers had fought a long and hard battle to get justice. They did but sadly it was too late for many. Seeing Louisa on screen, holding her left arm very close to her side and in so much pain was like looking at myself. Fernando, Linda Reinstein and I held each other in silence with tears gently rolling down our faces as the painful words appeared at the end of the film, Louisa had lost her life and didn't get to see the results of how she had helped to get justice.
The Italian lawyer, Bruno, and his wife sitting silently and, I hope, very proud as the verdict was read on the screen. Such wonderful people, so humbling and so very driven.
Linda Reinstein has worked so hard and without stopping as pulled off something that is going to change the world. The room last night was filled with power. I was so glad I got to see Niccolo's film. There is a screening on Wednesday 4th April in LA. I hope to find it online.
I was also in the room with one of the greatest journalists who was as strong as Niccolo in his views on this trade, Matt Peacock. Again, he puts himself in danger to highlight this great injustice. I happened to mention a certain journalist in the UK who spouts out his usual words about white asbestos. I didn't even have to mention his name, Matt knew who I meant.
It was a very proud moment for me.

Brazil, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, USA, UK, Belgium and Australia, we all came together to get this message out there, And you know what, I have a feeling it may happen. I am saving a blog spot for the words I want to write. It will be waiting and ready to be published when ASBESTOS HAS A WORLD WIDE BAN. I am so very proud to have met these wonderful people and to have been a part at the birth of asbestos ban solidarity. Look out world, we are clearing our throats, we are about to shout a lot louder. We won't give up!!!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

No need for words x x

Me with the lovely Barbara McQueen who has done so much to support ADAO.
My talk.
Doug Larking (Co Founder of ADAO) Emily Reinstein, Me and Lindo Reinstein (Co founder of ADAO)
My wonderful award.

A lovely Italian lady who speaks no English but didn't need to say anything. Fernanda, an inspiration to many. She is from Brazil and is a force to be reckoned with.
This is Real Girl POWER!!!! 3 Meso survivors. We have 16 years between us. Heather Von St James, Myself and Julie Gundlach. I have fulfilled my wish of meeting these powerful ladies x
Enough said : )
Barbara signing her book. All proceeds from this signing went to ADAO.
Barbara and I.
Mary Hesdorffer and Christine Winter (IATP)
Linda with the Meso babes...... x x x
My name bag.
Lighting a candle for those not with us, remembering those still fighting and the families of this devistating illness x x x