Saturday, 30 June 2012

Action Mesothelioma Day event in Plymouth

There is an action mesothelioma event in Plymouth 
on Monday 2nd July.

The event is at 
the Legacy Plymouth International Hotel (formally Novotel) 
Marsh Mills Roundabout 
at 11.30 a.m – 1 pm 

With dove release and buffet lunch in the hotel.
those interested please call or text Shirley Moulden on 078 055 70432 
or Helen Grady on 07930 289 239 to book a place.

This event is as well as the Saltram house event happening on Friday 6th July 2012.

Yesterdays chemo, 3rd cycle

I was up and out by 8:40am to go to Nuffield, Kieran had got out of bed no trouble and off to school.
I got there the same time as my sister, Wendy. We settled into the room, I had to have another cannula in as I wasn't allowed out of the hospital with one in my arm, not happy with that but there are policies and procedures to go through so I have to abide by them.
The Dr thought she would try my other arm, mistake, it never wants to play, the veins see the needle and hide away. She tried but no joy, then I knew what was going to happen, Another try meant the tears would come and I would start to feel sorry for myself. I was missing my dad so much, I knew he would be here for me if he could be, having comforting words and a hug that I would want to last forever. The Dr felt so bad because I couldn't control the tears running down my cheeks. She went back to the other arm and got the cannula in first time.
She left the room and Wendy came over and gave me a huge hug.I needed to release it, why does he have to be in another place, I hate asbestos and what it has done to my family, it has ripped us all apart.
I settled down after a good cry.
The sister came in to put the first lot of chemo up, the alimta. First of all there were anti-histamines and steroids. then a sugar solution then the drug.
That didn't take long to go through. It was lovely to see Teresa, my wonderful eyebrow tattooist. She was visiting patients in the hospital and popped by to say hello. She is such a fabulous artist, one of her many talents is to tattoo nipples on people who have had a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. She had a on a lovely coat. Time for me to pay a visit to Tavistock : )
After the Alimta was finished, there was a flush through, then it was another sugar solution and the Carboplatin. Wendy and I had lunch and a cuppa. I had a snooze while she played games on my iPad, what a wonderful invention that is.
I did notice that my forearm had gone very cold, I asked Wendy to feel it, it was freezing cold, strange as this didn't happen last time.
The cannula was taken out after an hour or so, just to make sure there were no complications. As I was leaving, the part of my forearm was painful. This was just after the cannula came out. I told the sister as we left, she didn't seem to think there were any problems but to keep an eye on it. It isn't at the site of the needle it is the opposite side, on my forearm, nearly up to the joint. It is painful to the touch and my skin is so sensitive that it feels like I'm scratching it rather than smoothing it. Wendy's husband, Chrissie, gave me a lift home, he had their little granddaughter with him, so cute, she wouldn't smile at all for me... don't blame her : )
Every one was out when I got home, I rested for a bit and then heard a familiar voice, My friend Chrissy had come over, she had bought me a present, an all in one dressing gown, what is known as a onsie, I look like a leopard printed telly tubby : )
She was going to tea at our other friend Jayne's and I was asked if I wanted to go over, I said I would, We waited for Kieran to get back from school and then went out to tea. Egg and chips were on the menu, wonderful, it was the best and topped of with a chip buttie.
I got home and changed for bed and settled in, my arm is still sore, I was now worrying about a blood clot so I thought I would settle my mind and ask my lovely warrior nurse, Mary Hessdorfer, she thinks it could be to do with the 2 cannulas as well. I did also ring the hospital get it noted that it was still ongoing.
This morning I was awake at 5:20am. I had a wonderful cuddle with Stork and Amber, she just lays on my bed, she knows something is different so spends more time with me, so sweet.
I pottered around a bit, dishwasher, clothes, cat box just general stuff.
Siobhan and David have just left with Kieran, I am going to have a bath and get my onsie on asettle back into bed. My arm is still sore so maybe a good soak will do it good.
Thank you to everyone who has sent so many good wishes. I do appreciate them and am so humbled by those who still bother even with their own heart ache at losing their loved ones or caring for them.
x x x

Siobhan and her byfried, David have taken Kieran to see a college in Saltash to see what is on offer for him, he leaves school next September, another milestone for me and him and so grateful to be here to see it. I am so proud of them and what they have achieved.

 Wrong order but Nimble was there, Ready to go to hospital and sitting on the chemo box making sure everything goes well x x

 Teresa, my lovely tattoo lady, wearing a fabulous coat : )

 Jayne, not just a master of arms but a chief egg, chips and butty maker!!!

 Chrissy bought me a onie, I triend it on for size......

 Yum yum, lovely butty!!!

The onsie, makes me look like a leopard print tell tubbie but who cares, its so snuggly : ) thanks Chrissy x x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Todays adventures.

Kieran did well and got himself out of bed this morning., He had his breakfast, got dressed and went off to school.
I left the house around 8:40 this morning and drove to the hospital. I got there about 8:50, went up to the ward and settled in my room. I would be having a blood transfusion today, I was hoping it would be over by about 1 p.m. as I wanted to see my friend Ali as it is her 40th birthday today. No such luck, 2 bags of blood which would mean I would be in till around 4 p.m..
I asked if I could keep the cannula in my arm until tomorrow to save me the trouble of having a second one done, I was told it wouldn't be a bad idea but was later told that because I was going home it was safer to take it out.... boo.... not happy with that one, oh well, health and safety prevails.
Once it was all done I left the hospital and went home. I found an article written by Laura Kazan-Allen, she had listed an article with the names of land mark cases and the women behind them.

Nellie Kershaw - The first named victim of asbestos disease 1924

Nora Dockerty - The first succesful British asbestos claimant 1952

Nancy Tait       - Founder of the worlds first asbestos victims group 1978

Alice Jefferson - The focus of a landmark TV Documentary 1982

June Hancock  - The first successful environmental claimant 1995

Gina Lees        - A symbol of Britains third wave of asbestos disease 2000

And little old me up there with all these absolutely amazing ladies

I am described as

Debbie Brewer - 21st century warrior.

Thank you so much Laura, the article is wonderful.
It is in the latest issue of the Women and Environment international magazine Number 90/91 Spring/ Summer 2012.

Tomorrow is chemo day so up early and out by 8:40 again, a taxi this time as I know I will be too tired to drive due to the anti- histamines and steroids.
 2bags of blood to set me up for the chemo tomorrow. Thank you to all those who donate to help people like me, wish I could return the favour but I can't, just know that when you do it, you are helping so many people who are so grateful for this x x

Update from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

I had a phone call today about the appeal for donors for a little girl in GOM hospital.

I was also sent this mail but didn't get it till I got back from my transfusion.
For some reason the lady thought I was called Elizabeth.

"Hi Elizabeth

I see that you have posted a blog about people coming to one of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s wards for testing today. We have enough people being tested so we really cannot accommodate any more people coming in.

Please can you either remove the blog or add the following comment from Great Ormond Street Hospital as soon as possible:

Thanks for your support.  We have enough people being tested so please do not come into the hospital or go to our cancer wards for testing.



Thanks For your kindness and patience and I hope that there is a donor found for this little girl : )

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Update on Meso and TOF

I got to the hospital this morning and did my bloods, all nice and early so that Dr D can get the results.
I went into town, then home, then out again to the hospital to see Dr D.
I got to reception and was told I had to go to pathology again for more blood.
I was waiting outside the blood office when Dr D appeared. He told me that my blood count was down so he wanted a cross match as tomorrow he had booked me in for a transfusion. He told the nurses that he wanted it done before 2 as the courier was taking the bloods at that time. I went in at 1:58pm, hope the courier got the sample otherwise Dr D will be cross.

I had the blood done and then made my way up to Dr D's office. He called me in and asked me about my weight, he is certain of I have lost weight, he even made a point of asking if I put rocks in my knickers.... : ) I told him I had been eating very well, my appetite id good. We talked about the steroids, he wanted me to carry on the one a day. He had a think about it and then said that I am sensible (well, sometimes I am !) and I can judge wether I need the steroids or not. I told him I hadn't had any problems with the carboplatin. He was happy with that. He said my scan would be on 11th July and I would see him on 18th July, the week after the scan and I would get the results. He will also check on the TOF as this hasn't been looked at for a while and we need to know what it is doing. Dr D is such a lovely man, as I left his room he said he was hoping for good news with the scan, I hope so too.

I went and got myself weighed, bummer!!! I had lost weight, Dr D was right, I am going to have to try and eat a lot more, I need that weight, or maybe smuggling rocks in me knickers isn't such a bad idea after all.

Bloods today

The weeks are going by so quickly, it is 3 weeks since I had my last chemo. I am now about to have my 3rd cycle. I went to the hospital to get my bloods done today. I will see Dr D this afternoon and find out what the plan is for Friday and when I will be having a CT scan.
I popped into town after the appointment to pick up a few bits and then to the Dr's to pick up my latest sick note. Another month off, I will get back to work at some point.
I went home, filled in the note and then took it out to work.
Kieran was late getting up today, he doesn't want to get out of bed, I don't blame him, it is a bit grey, raining, cloudy but it is lovely a warm.
I got home, had a coffee and then a nice soak in the bath. I have been feeling a little tired compared to normal, probably due to the chemo. The Carboplatin has been so much better to deal with that Cisplatin. I hope it will show that it has worked. Hopefully it has kicked the fear into Theo and he will sod off back to where he came from!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

This is a video I made of my mesothelioma journey so far. I chose the Foo Fighters "The Pretender" for the music as it emulates my anger towards Theo, my mesothelioma.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekend catch up

Kieran went off to school and I got ready for my weekend away with my friends, Jayne, Millie (Jayne's daughter) and Chrissy.
We were going to Woolacombe in North Devon for the weekend.
I got my bag sorted and left around 4:00pm and made my way to Jayne's.
We left a dry day in Plymouth to a fairly sunny day in Woolacombe. We decided to go out to eat and went to a place we saw when we came into Woolacombe. We walked in and walked back out again, it was like something out of deliverance.
We found a lovely little place called the Chichester and settled in to order our food. I had made arrangements to meet my lovely friend, Rita, as she lives in North Devon, it was so lovely to see her and her friend, Lila. Jayne and Rita gave us renditions of the ging, gang, gouly tune as they were both Brownies and Guides. It was so funny listening to them sing the verses, much to the amusement of the man behind us.
We had our meal, a good catch up with Rita and then back to the caravan.
We got our pyjamas on and wrapped ourselves in a blanket and a cuppa before going of to bed.
Saturday morning we all got dressed and decided to take a walk to the beach. It was a beautiful day, blue skies and sunshine. Millie had great fun paddling in the sea.
We had lunch in on the sea front and then got a bus back to the caravan park, Twitchen house.
As soon as we got back the heavens opened, it poured with rain non stop, right through the night so it was out in the rain for something to eat and then back and pyjamas on. We know how to holiday : )
Sunday morning it was blue skies again. We packed up our things for when we leave.
We went into Ilfracombe for a wander around and to have lunch, it is such a beautiful place.
I used to come to Woolacombe with Siobhan and Richard before I divorced their dad, it brought back some very happy memories.
After lunch, we made our way back to the caravan and packed the car and headed home.
It was wonderful to be with such lovely friends, the weekend was so relaxing, I felt like I had been away for weeks.

This week is chemo week so back to reality. I will see my oncologist on Wednesday and will discuss what happens next, I am sure chemo day will be Friday. Bring it on, Theo your days are numbered!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Fun day yesterday.

First things first and a very important announcement.

Mavis Nye, my gorgeous friend in Seasalter got her results from her latest scan......

WOO HOO!!! her Mr Nasty has shrunk!!!

WELL DONE MAVIS, So very proud of you.

Kieran was up and out of bed again, maybe he has turned a corner? He had a school trip and was worried about not getting to school on time. I contacted school and said he was anxious, they said they would wait for him. Kieran rang when he got to the city centre, he has to get 2 buses to school. He had missed his connecting bus. I rang school again while talking to him on his phone and asked his teacher if Kieran should meet him on Plymouth Hoe as they class would be going there. Kieran's teacher said yes that would be easier as the have an appointment time to keep, they were going to the Citadel for Arms forces day. Kieran made his way up to the Hoe, it was a little wet, he wasn't happy as he would have to wait 30 minutes for his class. While getting myself ready for my day i got a text through from Kieran "now i have a cold" it said, this made me smile, poor Bean, he doesn't like anything out of routine. I called back  at 9:35am to check if he had met his teacher, he had so all was good, that was until he got home. He had lost his bus pass, While Kieran had his rage about it all, I went upstairs out of the way. When  he eventualy calmed down, I told him I would call the bus company tomorrow and see if it has been handed in. He was more angry that he had to take money for the bus. He has gone off alright today, he will get a day rider and will be fine all day, thank goodness!!!

Back to me, I am feeling really good, I have my next chemo session next week. I went out with my sister, Wendy, yesterday. We have to return the spoon trophy to the community centre. We won it after being the lowest scorers at the cancer research quiz night we went to. We thought we would take the spoon out and about before it returned : ) We headed for Endsleigh garden centre.
Yes, crazy, we had so much fun, laughter is good, we expected to be stopped by one of the staff at the garden centre but no, we were left alone. It was brilliant.

Today I am off to Woolacombe with my friends, we are going for the weekend. It will probably rain all weekend but I am not fussed about that, I am spending the weekend with special people.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

And another great day.

Surprise, surprise...Kieran was up and out of bed before me this morning, shock, horror!!!!
He got up, had breakfast, got dressed and sorted out his school bag.
Well done Bean x x
I took Siobhan up to the Dr's and picked up a letter that was waiting for me.
The weather os dry today, yesterday was beautiful. It is very cloudy today but the sun is trying to peep through.
I was off out again today to see more friends, Mandy and Jacqui. We met at Endsleigh garden centre for lunch. We had a lovely time chatting, some cheeky chat about the latest craze in books, shades of grey....oooeerr Mrs!!! It's all about naughty bits.... I should have put my fingers in my ears are start singing La la la la la!!! It was a great afternoon, so good that we forgot the time.
I picked up a lemon juicer as my last one had broken. It is a lovely place to look around, some beautiful things there with a very expensive price tag.
Just as we finished our lunch the rain started, oh yippeee .... lets have more rain!
Tomorrow I am seeing my sister, Wendy, we are taking Mr Spoon out for some adventures before he returns to his homeland at the community centre. I am looking forward to it, crazy I know, but whos counting : )

Channel 4 documentary

I have been approached by a TV production company about taking part in a documentary about death and dying.
I have added a message below for anyone interested with contact details.

Channel 4 documentary series about people with life-limiting illness. 

Love Productions is making a primetime Channel 4 series about people who are living with a terminal diagnosis and have a short time left to live.  The aim of this series is to present the subject of death to a mainstream audience in an open and honest way and to explore how we as a society approach death culturally, practically, and spiritually in Britain today.  

We are looking for people to take part in the series from a range of backgrounds and life experience who might just have a year or less to live. 
We’re keen to hear from people who are going through this journey - what’s it really like to face death? What becomes important? What becomes insignificant? Do people treat you differently? How has it affected you and your family? Are there any dreams you wish to fulfill?
If you, or someone close to you, are in this situation, we would really like to have a confidential chat with you on the phone. If you’re keen to find out more, we’d perhaps arrange to visit you to discuss the project and discover whether you would be interested in taking part.  It wouldn’t commit you to anything at this stage. 
If you would like to speak to one of our small and friendly team confidentially about the series, please email  HYPERLINK "" with your contact details and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Another wonderful day : )

I was thinking of Rose, Di and Kenneth today as they celebrate the life of their hero, Norman. Sending love to you all x x x

Kieran was up late again, called him twice to get up and told him I would only do it twice. His bus leaves at 8:05 am so he managed to drag himself out of bed at 7:55am. "Oh god" he exclaimed when he came down and looked at the clock, he ran upstairs, quick change, grab lunch box and breakfast then a speedy run to the bus stop.
I have told him this evening that I will call him twice this week, once next week and not at all the week after. We shall see what happens : )

I went out to see my friend Ali this morning, she is such a lovely spirit to be around. She lives in Ali world which is happy, fun and full of bubbles and bouncy bunnies with scowls on their faces.
On the way I decided to get her some flowers, I stopped in the garage, filled Halo, my little car, went to the service desk to pay. The cashier told me the total, it was £3 more?? I queried this, the cashier went through it again, strange I thought, then I remembered, dozy mare, I bought some stickers as well and they were already in my bag!! Damn chemo brain, or is it a senior moment, who knows.... We laughed about it and I paid and left the garage to head for Ali's place.
I got there and there she was waiting outside, all smiley and beautiful. She had been baking so it was coffee and home made cake, slurp.... It was beautiful. I said did she want to go for a coffee in Chaplins, she agreed but asked if I would mind if we went to a bridal shop near her as she is getting married next year.
I agreed, I haven't been wedding shopping since I got married 16 years ago, yes it's Kieran's age as well,  I had a bit of a podge when I got married : )
Ali tried on 7 dresses, she looked beautiful in every single one. We left the bridal shop and went back to Ali's, had a quick coffe before she went to pick her children up this afternoon.

Ali doing her very best Nigella pose with her lovely home made cake : )

The sun has been shining all day, It has been such a glorious day.
I went onto Chaplins after I droped Ali off and picked up some stickers, eyes and such like for Mr Spoon, he will be having an adventure on Thursday : )
I also picked up some butterfly wall stickers for my bedroom. I want to make it my special place, I also picked up a notice board to put in my bedroom. I am going to put my cards from the warriors on it, they need a special place.
It was then back home to see Kieran and Siobhan, She has been busy paining her workshop and has started to move in. I am so very proud of her, she has done so well and I hope her business takes off, she deserves it.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Well done Chris Knighton!!

Congrtulations to Chris Knighton who is to receive and MBE in the Queens Birthday honours list.
Chris has worked hard in memory of her husband Mick, she has raised over a million pounds for her charity.
Chris lost her husband, Mick, in 2001 and has continued to ork in his memory to help others with mesothelioma. she has been a fantastic support to so many families.
Well done Chris, I am so proud of you and what you do for people like me.
Enjoy your day, I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Chris Knighton and I at the Mesothelioma UK conference 2011.

Catch up.

I did my mistletoe this evening. Dr Orange has said to take 20mg on Monday, 20mg on Wednesday and 40mg on Friday. I did Friday's jab and did get a little more of a reaction to it. 
I am sure it is what helps me feel so well, i have so much faith in it. Next one Monday 20mg and will contact Dr Orange to let him know how I have got on. I haven't had any fevers yet, no redness and no itching apart from the 40mg when I got a reaction for about 2 hours.

I had a busy day on Saturday, catching up with friends. I met Jan, my friend from Exeter, at the theatre royal in Plymouth. She had booked to see a show and we took the opportunity to have a coffee and a catch up. I also met my friend Chrissy there. We talked about how long ago we had seen each ohter, nearly 2 years! I couldn't believe it had been so long. Jan lost her husband, Russ, to meso and has become a good friend. It was so lovely to see her. Thank you so much for the dragonfly card Jan, it is beautiful.
Chrissy and I left Jan to see the show and then went off for lunch with Avis and Jayne. We went to the Wetherspoons pub in union street. The food was lovely. As Chrissy had invited us all to her place for the evening, I just hung out with her. Avis left us after lunch, Jayne, Chrissy and I had a wander round town. I bought a weekend bag as I am away with the girlies next week, we are going to Woolacombe for the weekend. I haven't been there since Siobhan and Rich were small, it is a lovely place.
After our potter around town, Chrissy and I headed back to her place, we met Jayne back there. Later in the evening our other friend, Anita, came round and we had a great night. Jayne said she would read Anita's tarot cards, Chrissy had some and Jayne had read hers. She hadn't done it before and did a good job, I said i would have mine read, we shall see what happens. Lots about making decisions I don't want to make with work and people demanding attention. Not sure what it all means but will see if anything does come out. I am a bit of a sceptic.

Fathers day and another busy day. Kieran stayed at his dads last night, he will be back today. Siobhan, Davisd and I went to B&Q, yes I know....back there again!!! ...... We went to get some wood preserver for Siobhan's workshop. When we got back, Kieran was walking up the road, good timing. I left Siobhan and David with he Bean while I went off to the cemetery, once again my dads vase is missing. My cousin Robert's was there though. I left them some flowers and sat with my thoughts for a few moments, reflecting on how much I missed them both.
I always challenge myself when I walk back up to my car fro the remembrance garden. Sometimes I can do it with out being breathless and other times I struggle, today was good, i managed it without struggling, it was such a lovely day. Very busy there because of fathers day. I left some flowers for 2 friends as well, Debbie and Jane, both in their 40s and taken far too soon x x
I got home, persuaded Kieran to have tea at his dads and then off to Jayne's for a roast. After the roast we had strawberries and cream, I had a chocolate, I love chocolate but at the moment it is tasting awful. My little taste buds are all messed up, the tinny taste doesn't help. This is coming from someone who is an absolute chocoholic!! I have a box of chocolates in my fridge that have been there for 2 weeks. I want to enjoy them and at the moment I don't.
I have been feeling very bloated over the past few days. Mary, my USA friend and personal nurse, says it's slow transit. The digestive system seems to come to a stop. I feel like I eat my meal and it just sits and doesn't move. Because I get reflux as well  I dare not cough. I had my meal at Jayne's and that is exactly what happened. I had to relieve myself of a little of my meal. Once done I feel so much better.
After leaving Jayne's, I love her roasts : ), I went to see my sister and pick up Mr Spoon. This is the award we had won for a quiz night a few weeks ago. I had a chat with her, we compared notes and caught up on all that has gone on since we last saw each other. Then it was off to pick Kieran up from his dads. He had made chocolate buns there and brought some home. Well done Bean : )

Mr Spoon is back!!! This is my award Mantle : )

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Another father's day without you x x

 September 1986.
September 1996.

My darling Dad,
If you get to read this letter, I want you to know how much I still miss you.
There are days that I feel so alone. I miss our chats, we had some great ones. I miss your wonderful advice, always so sensible and wise, I miss your hugs every day. If I could hug you just one more time I don't think I would ever let go.
Another father's day will pass without you. I think about the memories I have of you, when I used to stand on your feet and we would dance, me being so small and holding on so tightly because I was afraid to fall of your feet. watching you as you sped off to work and peddled hard on your moped as you passed the house, making us all laugh. The time I went to bed as a small child and was just going off to sleep when a hand slowly appeared from under my bed. I think I was only 7 or 8. I look back on it now with a smile.
I remember the trip we had to Drake's island, that was a wonderful day. We enjoyed the history and the boat trip, a hot summers day looking back at the Hoe from the island, it was wonderful. That memory is with me every day. The time you gave me advice about driving which is still with me today.
My heart aches for you some days, especially when life gets hard. I know if you were here you would be beside me every day and supporting me. I feel you are still around and taking care of me and my family.
Remembering you today and every day,
My wonderful dad,
I love you.

Debra x x x

My Warrior friend, Lise, lost her wonderful dad Keith and this is her first father's day without him.
She put a lovely poem on her FB page which she says I can share on here.
Thanks Lise honey, sending you love and strength on this father's day x x x

If I could write a story
It would be the greatest ever told
Of a kind and loving father
Who had a heart of gold

If I could write a million pages
I would still be unable to say, just how
Much I love and miss you
Every single day

I will remember all you taught me
I'm so hurt but won't be sad
Because I know you'll send me down the answers
And you'll always be MY DAD

Happy Fathers Day xxx

Friday, 15 June 2012

A very busy day.

I woke up early this morning because Rich and Roger were coming round to put up Siobhan's work shop. The weather is dry at the moment, I am really hoping that it stays dry all day for the lads. Kieran went off to school, I got sorted out and waited for them to arrive. They went off to B and Q first to get the materials.
When they arrived Richard brought all the materials up from his car, he made 2 journeys as he had a lot to collect.
Roger got on with preparing the surface were the house would be erected. Rich and I then made our way to the garage to bring up all the summer house pieces. He started to fit the doors together when he realised that the beading for the windows was missing, we had the long pieces but not the short. I went off to B&Q to get the pieces. When I got there the customer services girl announced over the loud speaker for someone to come over, after 5 - 6 minutes she did another announcement. An assistant came over and asked what the problem was.  I told him about the issue with no beading in the kit. He looked at me puzzled when I said I needed the shorter beading for the windows on the house to keep the glass in. Still looking puzzled, I had to spell it out to him, showing him a peice of beading I had and that I needed it shorter. Is arrogance and being unhelpful part of the job description? He told me I should have rang the number for customer services on the invoice. I should also pack up all the bits and wait for them to do an exchange. I told him it was already being built. He led me to the beading section of the store where he showed me the internal beading for trimming and such like, a big long strip of it, "that will do it" he said. I told him I wasn't going to buy anything as I had already paid for the house and the kit should be complete. I told him I would go back and ask what to do.
I went back home and told the boys about the issue, they said it would be fine if it has the depth to hold the pane of glass in.
Off I went again to B&Q and back to the customer services desk, this time it was someone else. I told her what I had told the previous assistant. She advised me to go to the garden centre area and speak to someone there. I got there, found a guy called Peter who I explained again what I wanted. He said he would have a look in the warehouse. While waiting I saw some plants, fox gloves and poppies, beautiful, why not, lets have them.
Peter returned after a few minutes with a bundle of beading wrapped and the right size. So there are some good people in B&Q.
I paid for my plants and off I went back home.
I recorded the erecting of the house in pictures. The lads have worked really hard all day, only stopping for a couple of bacon butties and cups of tea.
Thank you so much Richard and Roger, you are amazing people giving up your time to do this for us.

Who needs Nick Knowles when these guys are around, they are my heroes of the day : )