Sunday, 30 September 2012

Thank you my gorgeous coffee fairy : )

Thank you Jan c for my coffee this morning, not only is she my coffee fairy but my "stuff" monitor too.
Two totally different posts held by a wonderful lady. The "stuff" monitor has been ready since Friday with Jan watching all the time.
I can feel the bloating and bunging up of the poison in my system and it needs to be expelled. Once that is done I feel so much better. I think I used too much movicol last time and was going round the supermarket in an urgent state looking for the toilets!!! Hope that doesn't happen this time as I will be on a train Friday!

Thank you also to Jan C for this lovely picture she put on my facebook this morning x x

We have a book to auction for the mesothelioma UK event on Saturday. Barbara McQueen, wife of the wonderful and talented King of Cool Steve McQueen has donated and signed her book to raise funds for Mesothelioma UK. Anyone interested in bidding on it, we will be taking phone votes on the night. Please don't ask to bid if you don't want it. We are starting the bids at £30 ($50).
Please email me at   PHU_PHITA@HOTMAIL@COM   if you genuinely want to take part.
Thank you so much Barbi for taking the time to do this for us. You are a true legend, just like you husband x x x

Wide awake club!!!!

It's 3:52 am and I am wide awake. The steroids given with the treatment click me in to action every time, they will go on for about a week. So what better way to spend my zingy hours but to write my blog while getting acupuncture and a massage from Stork the cat.
Juggling a lap top and a kitty is difficult, typos to correct and obstructed vision but the purring and love is too much to resist : )
I had a lovely quiet evening in last night. My friend Chrissy came in potatoes and jaffa cakes.
We put the spuds in the oven and settled down to watch tales of the unexpected. I bought the complete box set, I also bought Thriller and arm chair thriller. I am after journey into the unknown but I don't think it is on DVD. Great classic TV and wonderful stories. Very dated clothing and we smiled when we saw that the married couples have twin beds. How times have changed.

I slept most of yesterday, I will do today as well. I have been invited to Jayne's for a roast which will be lovely, will ask for a lift if possible as I don't like driving when I am chemo'd up as I feel a bit wobbly.

The furniture went today so Chrissy and I were sat like students in their new digs, cushions scattered and bottoms down with our jackets potatoes which were lovely. Jaffa cakes, a cup of tea and tales, oh yes, bliss.

Our new furniture will arrive on Tuesday, looking forward to that, got to get packed for London on Friday, I am so looking forward to meeting the wonderful warriors. It is going to be a grand weekend.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Oh what a day..... woop woop , the last chemo, hopefully, for a while

Well, I have been jibber jabbing to Siobhan and thought I should get out of her way for a bit, I am getting embarrassing. It's the steroids, they put me on a high and I can't stop talking, I talk for Britain anyway but this makes it much worse.
My sister Wendy came into hospital with me today, we Talked about our younger years and something I had forgotten. I remembered we put our mothers tights on our heads and pretended we had long hair, We used to have pigtails, bunches buns, all sorts of styles. When I had finished with mine I rolled them up and used them as potatoes in my shop. I cut up my mothers tartan skirt to make a pair of Bay City Roller trouser (Yes I know..... WHY!!!!)
I also cut up a whote sheet and made the trousers, all hand stitched, I was so proud of those trousers, so proud that I wore them to some random wedding at the church, I sat at the back and watched the whole thing ???? I was a strange
Wendy also said that 2 girls in our street had brand new roller skates, we were so sad : (
So I thought, lets make our own, so with 2 pieces of cardborad shaped like feet and string tied on them, we made our own, so cool slip sliding around the house on cardboard roller skates : )
I must have had that "never give up" feeling with me always. If you haven't got it ..... MAKE IT!!!!

The chemo went well today, the nurses were all so wonderful, I am going to miss them but like one of them, Jo, said, we will miss you but we don't want to see you back.
Health care assistant Gina who cracked the whip to get the £12. Thank you Gina.
Nurse Jo, one of my wonderful chemo nurses.
Nurse Nicola, another wonderful chemo nurse.
Nurse Trish, part of a fabulous team of chem nurses, thank you all of you for your wonderful care and support.
My lil' sis Wendy enjoying her malteser cake made by Maryann.
Nimble, my wonderful bear from the warriors. He watches over me, especially watched by my wonderful dad. his eyes are the eye on Nimble x x

I took some pictires of them, I also took in some cakes from yesterday event, just because they are such a wonderful team, between them the decided to cough up some cash for McMillan. They raised £12 making our total £194:32 and a £1 from me little sis for her piece of malteser cake. Thank you so much. It has been another good day...... Debbie from Planet steroid is checking out and hoping Theo is too.... You getting the message yet boy!!!!

Great day yesterday and last chemo (for a while) Hurrah!!!!

It is my last chemo today, well the last one till the next discussion about treatment. It is pouring down outside so a wet trip in the taxi to hospital today. I will take Nimble with me as always, he has the eyes of my dad and the warriors watching over me.

Yesterday we had a fabulous day, I dressed up as the Eiffel tower and my, friend Maryann, was a fairy, we were cakes, I was a French Fancy and Maryann was a fairy cake : ) We raised £182:32p so far. Thank you to everyone who supported us.
With help from Siobhan, her boyfriend Davis and James her friend, we got ready for the events.
Thank you to Amanda and Mark Parker who donated cakes and made a coffee cup cake to use as "guess the weight on the cake".
They have their own business, they are on facebook and have a website "Amanda's icing on the cake". I can highly recommend them, they have made my 50th Birthday cake, Richard's 21st cake and Siobhan and Kieran's birthday cake. I will let the rest continue in pictures.

 James, Maryann and I with the total from the day, thank you to everyone who supported us.
 OOH La La ... a French Fancy : )
 My Eiffel tower costume
 Sandra, Jeanette and I.
 Getting ready for the event
 James layed the table out, it looked so wonderful, well done James.
 Amanda and Mark's wonderful cake.
 Maryann guessed the weight of the cake, it was 5lb 8oz and Maryann was the closest with 5lb 10oz.
Sandra won a bottle of Gin in the raffle, it was very saought after, Well done Sandra : )

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Appointment day today.

It is raining again here and everywhere. Will it ever stop, this year has been terrible for rain.

I got to Dr D's office early, he arrived with a coffee and told me to come in to his office. The bloods were down again so a transfusion is on the cards for Monday. That would account for me being tired and breathless at the moment. My eye sight seems to be a little off as well, alright with my glasses on but when they are off it is much worse.
He seemed happy with everything else, he booked my CT scan for 14th November, the day after Theo's 6th anniversary.
After saying goodbye I made my way to the pathology lab again, saw the same nurse I saw this morning. Poor arm, 2 jabs on the same day.
I then went to the x-rat department to book my scan and then went to Asda to get some extra bits for tomorrows coffee morning. I hope Maryann does well with it. We will have fun I am sure, we are dressing up, Maryann as a fairy, so she is a fairy cake. I am dressing up as the Eiffel tower so I will be a French fancie, pictures to follow : ) Bring on the mugs, coffee, tea and cakes!!!!

World's biggest coffee morning

Tomorrow I am holding a coffee morning and afternoon tea at my house in aid of McMillan cancer care.
I am doing it with my friend Maryann, we have a raffle as well which is £1:00 a ticket strip.
I am having ours today as I am having chemo tomorrow.
Anyone is welcome, it starts at 10:00 am and going on until 3:00 pm.
Please email for directions at or call 512333
We hope it will be a fun event.

So that is :

10 am until 3 pm
At my house, email for details.
Raffle prizes are :

  • * A complete tennis set from Robinson's fruit drink worth a big £80
    * a bottle of port,
    * wine
    * cheaper version of champagne,
    * half bottle of bells whisky
    * box of chocolates
    * hand made necklace & bracelet set
    * smelly sets
    * 4 bottles of ale
    And much more.

    Please contact 512333 for more information.

Busy day yesterday.

Yesterday was a day out of the blue. Kieran went off to school as usual, nothing remarkable there. I settled down with a coffee and breakfast and thought I would have a quiet day as it is going to be busy today getting ready for our coffee morning tomorrow. Friday is busy as well as I am having chemo..... wrong!!!!
I get a text from Kieran telling me there has been an incident outside school. His friend was hurt by a passenger on the bus. I text Kieran back and asked him if he was alright, he said he was frightened. I asked him if he wanted me to come into school and be with him, he said yes. At the time I didn't realise how serious it was. I got to school and sat with Kieran while the police interviewed his friend and then him.
I was there for 2 and 1/2 hours, I came home very tired, I was going to catch up on a nap, Kieran came home with me. I went back into school with information and then back home again. Kieran is concerned about going to school, he has gone off this morning though and was a little upset when he got there. Such a shock for the boys and us parents.

I have popped up to hospital this morning to get a blood test done, ready for Dr D this afternoon.
Friday will be my last chemo, I am so pleased, I can't wait for it to be out of the way.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Results for warriors today.

I have had a lovely weekend, I went to Torquay on Saturday. I went with chrissy and we met Jayne and Viki. We had a lovely day, I bought Siobhan a jumper, I saw it and just thought it would suit her so much.
Sunday I went to Jayne's for a roast. She is always cooking for us all, so lovely.

My thoughts are with Mavis, Lou and Jan today, they are getting their CT results today. Lou has had her results already, she is in Australia, it isn't good but she is a fighter, a wonderful woman who works so hard to bring this awful disease and awareness about asbestos and it's dangers to the world.

A friend of mine, Ali, gave me this T-shirt for my 50th birthday. I love it, I am going to wear it at the mesothelioma UK event in London. I hope Theo and his friends are listening, you are not wanted!!!!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

ADAO interview 2012

                                           My interview at the ADAO conference this year.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday morning smile : )

Kieran has not been feeling well since yesterday, he woke up with a cold. Poor thing, he is off to his dad's today which will be helpful as I hope he gets over his cold by tomorrow.

I am going to try and avoid it, not sure how. I found a great picture on facebook. Maybe I will use it for protection against the Beans cold : )

Friday, 21 September 2012

Coffee and new bins : )

Coffee at Thorntons, mine is the one without the cream, naughty Karen : )

Yesterday I met with a friend i made a few years ago. Karen and I met at Kieran's junior school. We lost touch when the children left school. It was good to catch up on things. We went to Thorntons and had a coffee.
I left there and went on to see my friend Chrissy, I pumped up her tyre as she had the same problem I had, a puncture. That done it was back home and wait for Kieran.

Today I was up early to see Kieran off to school, he has a cold, poor thing. He still went off to school, not before he tried the sympathy card. He didn't say he wanted to stay home but the complaining more or less told me he wanted too.
I got myself sorted out and went to Saltram park to meet Heather, a lovely meso warrior who I haven't seen for a while. Again, it was lovely to catch up. Heather lost her brother to meso at a very young age. He was mid forties with a young family. This disease is so very cruel. Heather gave me the most beautiful gift, It is a willow angel, the one Heather gave me symbolises courage. Such a very thoughtful gift as well. It has pride of place in my house, right beside my ADAO award.
We had lunch and chatted for a long time. Neither of us realised the time. We went to visit the little meso tree. It has grown so much. I was the same height as it the last time I saw it but this time it looks nearly 2 foot taller. 

I said goodbye to Heather and headed off home in time to meet Kieran. He was off out with his friends tonight to see a film. He arrived home, got himself together and then out again.
I got myself sorted and then off into town to pick up my new glasses.
I went back home, no cooking tonight, I ordered us a curry : )

I had a call about 8:20pm, Kieran had got himself to the railway station, there were no busses back to ours so would mum's taxi pick him up. Up and out again to pick up my Bean ..... unusual for him as he likes to get himself home, It was lovely to pick him up. He enjoyed his night out with his friends. 

I am so lucky to have such lovely children, Rich seems very happy in Ireland, Siobhan is very busy with her business and Kieran is so focused on what he wants to do after school. I am so very proud of them.

 Heather and I saw this dear little chap at Saltram park. He sat on this bar for a long time before he flew away.
                                                    The meso tree looking very healthy
 Heather and I by the tree.

 Heather was so kind. She gave me a lovely gift, a willow angel of courage. It is so beautiful, it has it's rightful place beside my ADAO award. : ) I am so very lucky having so many special people around me.
 My new glasses, vanity stops me wearing them all the time.

 These match my hair so well : ) These are my driving and long distance bins
I love the colour of these and the pretty design. These are my TV/reading ones..

Thursday, 20 September 2012


I do not allow any on my page, no you can't have a banner!!!
I don't want your comments with a sly, crafty link to your website!!!
I will NOT support you with gaining money from someone else's misery!!!

Please have respect for all meso warrior families who go through heart ache and pain with this disease.
If they want a lawyer I am sure they will find one, I will not advertise your business.

Any links will be removed, don't even bother asking me to add a link, It is not happening!!!!

Linda Reinstein Co-founder of ADAO knows only too well what these companies are like and wrote an article about this very subject back in March 2011.
I am sharing on this page.

Be Aware of “Asbestos Awareness” – Searching for Balance

Posted March 23, 2011
As a mesothelioma widow and ADAO co-founder, I have spent the past seven years leveraging online media and its possibilities for advocacy, education, and community around the issue of asbestos awareness. I am both excited and surprised to see so many of us take part in such a powerful movement, however; I am compelled to share my concern with you.
With the increased power of social media, there are now more websites, Facebook pages, and other campaigns that are set up to reach victims of asbestos related diseases that may be sponsored by legal firms.

Some of these websites and social media campaigns do not clearly communicate the law firm’s direct relationship or sponsorship. The concern then is that asbestos victims might not be aware that the non-profit with whom they are speaking is actually affiliated with a for-profit group that may be using the non-profit “hook” as a way to attract clients.  It is important to do your homework and figure out if the group you are connecting with is indeed directly related to a specific law firm. Check the About section on the website, the Info section on the Facebook profile or Disclaimer section of the website (usually at the bottom of page). If you have any questions, call the phone number listed and ask if the organization is associated with another for-profit entity.  ADAO remains focused on education and not litigation.  We reaffirm that we will  never compromise our independence by providing legal or medical referrals.
While social media is a great resource to raise our voice of concern, we advise you to be careful about sharing too much of your identity, story, or information. This can be dangerous and risky for your safety — especially for widows, widowers, children, and families.  At ADAO we have safely used our “Share Your Story” platform for years and have been careful about protecting sensitive data when communicating the stories of those in our community by only using first names.
So be careful about what you see and what you share. Every opportunity for advocacy may not be an appropriate opportunity for you. Protect your identity and safety on the web!
In Unity,
Linda Reinstein


It's that time of the month again..... nothing has happened yet. The chemo has completely messed with my periods.
Last night I had the lovely night sweat, I am hoping Theo is suffering and that is why he passes on the symptoms to me.
I was so sweaty last night, well early this morning, about 2:45am, that I had to change my pyjama top.
So changing the bed clothes is on the cards today me thinks.
I am feeling so tired, think it is menopausal rather than chemo driven.
Kieran has a new fixation, theme park rides, he has been busy looking at all the theme parks around and where he can go to next. Looks like it may be Blackpool this time : )
I am sure he and his dad will work something out.
Not long before I meet my warrior friends, I am looking forward to that. Chrissy and I will be off on 5th October, we will also be attending a charity fund raising night in aid of mesothelioma UK.
Barbara McQueen, wife of the late and great Steve McQueen, has donated her book, The last Mile -Revisted to the cause, she has personally signed it as well. We will be auctioning this one so hoping to get a good price for it.

Anyone interested in placing a bid, please contact me on

Next week is my last chemo.... HOORAY!!!! ....... I can't wait to get that out of the way. It has been a long, tough road to walk, very emotional and frightening but thanks to all my wonderful warrior friends sharing information and supporting me with this, it has made it a lot easier to cope with. One thing that has hounded me so much through this treatment has been the memories of my wonderful dad going through chemo. He suffered so much after each one and never recovered from the last treatment he had. This is why I have kept away from it so much, I knew I had to have it, to fight, to continue on for my family. Without those wonderful people, it would have been so much more difficult. Special thanks has to go to Rose, Jan C, Jan W and people like them who have lost their loved one and still find the courage to support us who are still fighting. I thank you all for what you do for me every day even when you have your own heart ache to deal with.

I am meeting a friend for a coffee today, I have got Halo, my little car, sorted now. I lovely new tyre, so we are back on the road : )

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Remembering Kevin.

I am thinking of my friend Jan W today as she remembers her wonderful husband, Kevin, who feel asleep 2 years ago today.

I remember Jan telling me that while Kev was in hospital he had a tune in his head he could not get rid of. I can't remember what song it was at the time but I do remember how I smiled when I heard how poor Kev was being tortured by Jedwood. Even to the end of his life, he made sure his he left his family with a smile and a heart full of love.
Three little birds by Bob Marley was another song that creates a memory of Kev.

Thoughts are with Jan and her family today x x x

Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday morning

Good morning campers...... it is a beautiful sunny day in Plymouth.
I had a lovely roast at my friend Jayne's yesterday, nearly missed it as my chemo brain was in good working order and I forgot I had to be at Jayne's for 4pm. I got there at 5. Everyone had eaten, if it wasn't for Chrissy texting me asking where I was, I would have been even later!

Chemo symptoms aren't too bad now. The constipation has gone as has the wilder "stuff" removal.
My eyes are still watering, my oncologist discovered that this was due to alimta, it is ....... bugger, it's gone, damn chemo brain ......  completely blank, can't think what the eye infection is called!!!
The belching and farting has continued throughout, Rab C Nesbitt lives. I think I have been possessed!

I have my next lot on 28th September.... the last one!!! I can't wait for that one to be out of the way so I can get my life back and get back to work, I miss my colleagues so much.

Not long to go before Chrissy and I are off to London for the mesothelioma UK conference. I can remember my very first one back in 2007. Meeting Liz Darlison, Tracey, Dawn and the team was fantastic. I came away from that meeting feeling like I could survive for longer than I was given at the time of diagnosis. I saw Graham Sherlock-Brown talk, he had survived 5 years at the time (I think) this impressed me so much and from the meeting I met so many wonderful warriors, some not with us today but have left a big crater behind in the hearts of those who knew them, Alan and Heather being one of the couples I met there and were kind enough to help me through my miserable time in January 2008 when Theo decided he was taking over. With their help I got back up and kicked him back to where he should be, in the gutter.

Well I have just had to google "eye infection" to find out what I couldn't remember, conjunctivitis, that is the eye infection. That is why my eyes water, it is conjunctivitis with out the muck or infection.

I am looking forward to a good week. meeting friends and lunches are on the cards : )

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hair cut, bob back at last : )

Thursday it was time for the Vit B12 jab. I went to the hospital and got that done, I let Trish, the chemo nurse, know what has happened the night before with having an ambulance out. She said the same as the paramedic, that I should call them if it happens again and see my GP if the anti biotics aren't working. Thankfully all is well. The antibiotics have kicked in and are working. I am feeling so much better.

 Eye test yesterday, not sure about my new glasses though : )

Yesterday I had my hair cut. My hair dresser friend, Jacqui came over and did it for me, she always does a great job. I met Jacqui when Richard was about 6 months old, her daughter is a TOF too, we have kept in touch ever since.
I am so happy to have my bob back again.
After the haircut it was lunch and then off into town to get my eyes tested. All good in that respect. It seems my eyes have changed, I am slightly less short sighted and am getting some long sight back so new glasses are on the cards. I have ordered 2 pairs for £35, not bad at all, I picked out a black and red pair as they match my hair perfectly : )

While I was getting my eyes tested, Halo, my little car, had a car massage. She looks all shiny new now.

I got back home and dropped off my glasses, the old ones, I get the new ones next week. Then it was off to Jayne's for egg and chips with Chrissy and Cheryl. What a lovely evening and Jayne is so wonderful, she is always cooking for every one and it is great to spend time with such wonderful people.
Not sure what I am doing today, the sun is shining. I might just have another lazy, relaxing day : )

Chip Butty at Jayne's : )

Good news in the mesothelioma communtiy.

Canada is ending its much-maligned practice of defending asbestos mining on the world stage, a reversal of a stand that made it a pariah in some international circles.
The Harper government, which until Friday unflinchingly defended Canada’s right to export the cancer-causing mineral from Quebec, is blaming the incoming Parti Québécois regime for its change of heart
Premier-designate Pauline Marois’s party,which will soon take office in Quebec, pledged during the provincial election campaign to cancel a government loan guarantee designed to resurrect the big Jeffrey asbestos mine in Asbestos, Que. It would have been the only mine operating in an otherwise moribund industry.
“The decision to close down the industry has already been taken by Mrs. Marois,” Industry Minister Christian Paradis said on Friday.
He said Canada will no longer block international efforts to add chrysotile asbestos to a United Nations treaty called the Rotterdam Convention, a global list of hazardous substances. Being on the list places restrictions on trade of the mineral.
“It would be illogical for Canada to oppose the inclusion of chrysotile [to] the Rotterdam Convention when Quebec, the only province that produces chrysotile, will prohibit its exploitation,” Mr. Paradis said.
He announced Ottawa will offer up to $50-million to help towns dependent on the industry diversify their economies.
Mr. Paradis, the Tories’ political lieutenant for Quebec, made the announcement on Friday in Thetford Mines, Que., his political hometown and once a big force in the asbestos industry.
Bernard Coulombe, a top executive at the Jeffrey mine, suggested the Harper government has made a U-turn on asbestos to help secure a free-trade agreement with the European Union. Negotiators will meet in Ottawa Sept. 17 to 21.
Mr. Coulombe said he believed France was putting pressure on Canada to drop its objection to listing asbestos as Europe and Canada negotiate the trade deal.
Canada has come under public attack from EU politicians for its asbestos exports. Last year, members of the European Union Parliament released a statement condemning Canada for mining oil sands, hunting seals and exporting chrysotile.
Defeated Quebec premier Jean Charest had promised to keep the mine afloat with the loan guarantee, and among his most enthusiastic receptions in the recent election campaign was in Asbestos, where the mine is a vital economic lifeline.
While keeping the mine alive was seen as popular in the region, Karine Vallières, the Liberal candidate in Richmond, the riding that includes the mine, won her seat by a scant 269 votes.
Mr. Coulombe said he’s not giving up hope and still believes his mine can reopen.
“This absolutely does not mean the end of the Jeffrey mine,” Mr. Coulombe said. “It will mean more paperwork. But it’s not the anti-asbestos lobby that will put an end to this industry.”
The Canadian Public Health Association quickly applauded the Harper government’s about-face. “Canada has a moral obligation, backed by well-grounded evidence, to close down this industry and stop exporting a potentially hazardous material to countries that are ill-equipped to protect the health of workers,” said Erica Di Ruggiero, chair of CPHA’s board.
Asbestos is a family of silicate minerals used in building construction that can trigger cancer if it is inhaled. Its sale is restricted in Canada, but large quantities are exported to developing countries. Most forms of asbestos have been banned in the European Union.
While Canada backed the export of the harmful mineral, it banned the use of asbestos in Canada. Governments have spent enormous sums removing it from buildings across the country, including Parliament Hill and the Prime Minister’s official residence.
Quebec’s asbestos industry drew international ridicule last year on the TV comedy The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, when correspondent Aasif Mandvi savaged it for exporting the carcinogenic mineral to India.
“Does ‘asbestos’ mean something different in French than it does in English?” Mr. Mandvi joked with Mr. Coulombe.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Special love sent to friends.

Two meso warriors have had bad news, Steve in the UK and Cher in Austarlia.
Seems their meso is starting to creep out again..... bastard thing!!!
I hate it so much at times like this. All we can do is fight this demon and hope to win it, if only for a short while.
I met both Steve and Cher through facebook and my blog in 2008. Since then we have held hands across the world and fought this dreadful disease.
It is heart breaking to hear that it is on the move again.
I wish I had a magic wand, I would cast a spell of health and longevity on each and every warrior in the world to change what is happening.
Like I said in a previous post, this is the reality of what asbestos does, it rips families apart, taking the very heart of the family away.
So cruel, yet there are people in this world who are STILL insisting that asbestos is completely safe.
Are they mad? Together we all have to fight this, I will be fighting until my last breath and that breath won't be taken by mesothelioma.

Theo, have a word with your mates, they are not playing the game. Take them all on another gap year or 25.

Cher and Steve, and all the other warriors who are fighting back, my thoughts are with you my courageous warrior friends. You have the world behind you as you fight this demon.
Sending you both so much love and strength...... WILL POWER.

Thursday, 13 September 2012


I went to the mesothelioma support group meeting yesterday, saw some lovely familiar faces and some news ones, so sad that Bill wasn't there, our thoughts were with his family.
Lots happening with the group. It has been such a success, unfortunately, it is something that is needed nationally.
Pam, a lady in the group, and I had a right old time fathoming out the new parking system. We eventually found the place to pay after looking and not finding it.
 This is the new system at the hospital. A disc is given at the gate of the car park, when leaving there is a little base at the reception desk that the disc is put on and the machine uploads the price of parking to the disc. When leaving the disc is put in the metre at the exit and .... Ta Da ...... off you go!!
I suppose I will get used to it eventually : )
Kieran came home from school, he is enjoying it, he has a few days off now. He is off to Alton towers with his dad and will be back on Sunday. I am sure he will have a wonderful time, I know his dad will, he is the child of the relationship : )

Bit of an episode this evening. I went off to bed after I had got back from my friend, Chrissy's, place. I went off to sleep. At about 11:25 pm I woke up, my chest was so tight. I felt dizzy and was urging. I shouted for Siobhan, she came in and got the phone, she dialled 999, had all the questions, the ambulance was there by 11:30pm, so quick. 2 lovely medics came in, My obs were done, heart rate was racing,I had a temp of 37.5, the tightness seemed to settle down. I had a nebuliser which seemed to help. I was told to call back it it happened again and to see my Dr tomorrow to check the anti biotics were working. The lady medic said that my lungs were clear, it was an upper tract infection by the look of it. I have still got a little much coming up.Siobhan was so upset, I felt so bad, she shouldn't have to be going through this. I am the one who is supposed to be looking after her, not the other way round.I am pacing myself but keeping active as I think that helps, I don't think sitting around will help at all.
All seems to be well this morning, no more episodes in the night. What a wonderful 999 service we have in this country. They were so good, explained everything, said they would take me to hospital but as I am immunocompromised, it would be a risk. I felt it easier to stay at home. Not worth risking catching anything else. I know I am going to get the wrath of the warriors : )

Today I have been out and about, I went to the hospital for my vitamin B jab, left there and went into town. I had seen a jumper I liked in Debenhams, it had a leopard on it, it was a Henry Holland design. I didn't buy it when I saw it a couple of days ago. After speaking to Chrissy last night, I went in and got it. I was a little worried as I couldn't find it, it had been moved, good job I didn't get it a couple of days ago, it was 20% today...... bargain : )

I got some bulbs for Halo, my little car. Her headlights are out so I will be visiting my lovely mechanic, Darren, today to put them in for me..... I love my car : )

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A lovely day

I have had a tickly cough and a throat irritation for just over a week now. My oncologist told me that if it turns to a mucky cough I was to get myself some anti biotics as soon as possible, so, I am off to the Dr's this morning to get some. I was checked over, apparently I have got a bit of a wheeze which the Dr put down to asthma so I have a pump to use when I need it and some anti biotics to clear the muck.
After that I went to see my friend, Maryann. She is having a coffee morning for McMillan and I have told her she can use my house as hers is being refurbished with a new bathroom and kitchen.
We were talking through what we were going to do and have decided we will have a coffee morning/afternoon tea session from 10 until 3 on 27th September.
I can't do the 28th September as I am having chemo. We have decided to dress up, our characters will be cakes, a fairy cake and a French fancy : )
We haven't decided yet who will be what but we did have fun discussing it and are so looking forward to the day.
I will be looking on the internet for my costume, starting with a green wig me thinks, another one to add to the 15 I have already!

I went home, had a quick bite of lunch and then got myself ready to go to say goodbye to Bill and celebrate this wonderful man.
I put on my best frock, grabbed my jacket and off I went. Horror of horrors, I got to the cemetery and realised I still had my sandles on and not my best shoes......Stupid person I am.
It didn't matter anyway as no one will be paying any attention to my feet, as I was told when I was a child, no one is going to stop their horse and cart to look at you.

I entered the church to the sounds of Michael Jackson singing "you are not alone". The church was filled with many people, all there for one reason, to pay tribute to a husband, father, uncle and all round gentleman.
The vicar paid tribute to Bill and made us smile with memories of his life. His family were so very brave, such a hard day for Bill's girl's and his lovely wife Sandra.
When the service was finished, I had tears in my eyes as everyone left and went to the grave side, comforted by the beautiful voice of Katherine Jenkins singing "time to say goodbye". I followed as the family went to the burial place and listened as the vicar blessed the ground and Bill, sending him to his new world, a world where he will be watching over her family every day I am sure.
Te family put red roses on top of Bill's place of rest and quietly watched as he was lowered to his place were he would be sleeping now. It was so lovely and the family did him proud with the service.

I left the service and darted back home quickly to get my posh shoes on. I then went onto the Conservative club in Plympton where the wake for Bill was being held. Sandra and the girls had set out photos, sharing their memories of Bill. So wonderful, so much to look back on but also so sad that Bill isn't still here, he should be, he was only 70 and had many years ahead of him.
The grieving will begin now for the family, lots of pain and heartache and with that comes anger at the reason why Bill isn't here, Mesothelioma, asbestos and the selfish attitudes in the work place towards them.
This is the real face of Mesothelioma, the face that those who still peddle this crap don't see. Maybe they need to get out of their conference rooms and posh offices and meet the people who are left behind when Mesothelioma has finished it's spiteful campaign. Visit those struggling to live with this illness, the hospices that do so very much to make the end of life for patients the best it can be and have to fund raise to do it.
Listen to the voices around the world who are campaigning for change, wonderful people like Linda Reinstein who lost her husband Alan to this disease and is a very strong leader in changing the way the world deals with asbestos, Barbara McQueen who has kindly given her and Steve's status to the issue and is working hard to get the awareness in the public eye, Laurie Kazan Allen, a fabulous journalist who campaigns through her articles about the plights of those less fortunate that us in the western world and of course, not forgetting Fernanda Giannasi, a very brave lady, the Erin Brockovitch of Brazil who has fought so hard to change things and be a voice for those in the poorer places who these greedy fat cats care nothing about.
What a fantastic team, I have no doubt at all that these people and many others, too many to mention, will change the way the world sees asbestos. Well done all of you, I am so proud to know you all and work along side you.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Celebrating Bill.

                                              Bill with his family, Joanne, Angela and Sandra.

I am going to celebrate Bill this afternoon.

He was one of life's gentlemen and will be greatly missed by many people who were blessed with knowing him.

My thoughts are with his family today as they celebrate such a wonderful man.

Bill's daughter, Joanne, put a poem on facebook today which I would like to share on here.

Do Not Stand At my Grave And Weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I did not sleep,
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain,
When you awaken in the morning’s hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush,
Of quiet birds in circled flight,

I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.

x x x x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Back on track.

Sunday was a much better day, health wise. She even made up a little verse.

Glad the "Stuff is leaving you,

flush it and Theo down the loo.

I dyed Kieran's hair again yesterday, he has decided he wants to go blonde. Siobhan and Rich did they same thing at 15 years old. They both went black, goth.
Kieran has gone the other way, I have always felt they should get it out of their systems. He is very happy with it and its good to see him getting his own personality.
I caught up on a few things today, sent a letter into my GP's surgery which I will talk about at a later date, I bought a mini fridge for my bedroom as I forget my mistletoe so many times, it will be easier keeping it all in the bedroom.

The South West Mesothelioma Support Group meeting is on Wednesday, 11:30am in the Mustard tree Derriford hospital.  It will be great to catch up with everyone and sad that one of them won't be there.
I have letters from Alison Seabeck, my local MP, to share with the group. She has been asking questions for us and getting answers from the relevant MP'S.

I rang up about my Vit B jab as I didn't have it done last week because i had the bombay trots. I knew it was the chemo but it isn't good to take it to the hospital. I am going on Wednesday afternoon to have it done.
Friday I am having my hair cut, it needs a good cut and I think it is ready to bed shaped into a bob. It has taken me a year to grow it after losing it to chemo last year.
Life is good at the moment, I am feeling so much more like myself. I have so many wonderful people around me, Warriors, friends, work colleagues and especially my family. Thank you all so much for your support and kindness. I appreciate every thing you do for me and for being there when I need you x x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Easy like a Sunday morning.

I actually slept until 6am this morning, the chemo must be on the way out at last, well I hope so.
The kitties were in my room for their usual breakfast alarm call.
Yesterday was an easy day. I went out with my friend, Tina, for lunch. We went to a little place called the Harvest Home. It is a hotel/pub in Golsworthy near Tavistock. Such beautiful scenery and very quiet, Tina and I were the only ones in the pub. I bought us a cola, a roller cola as Tina calls them : )
I managed to spill mine over myself, looked like I had wet myself!
We had lunch and a good old natter about what has been happening since we saw each other the last time.
I got home around 3:30pm, we needed shopping so Siobhan and I went to do that. I was in the supermarket when I felt the need to relieve myself of some "stuff".
Not a good feeling, I rid myself of the poison poop, sorry to be so graphic but I think it is important for those going through or starting chemo should know the symptoms of this toxic medication.
We got the shopping back home and put it all away.
Siobhan is very busy with her business, She is going to a convention in October and will have her own table to sell things. She is a beautiful artist and her items are selling really well.
My appetite has diminished again, I am eating little and as often as I feel, if I eat too much i just feel bloated as the chemo slows down the digestive system and until that has cleared, it is difficult to eat a full meal.
Today is going to be a quiet one I think. I `am going to take it easy, If I don't I know I will have warrior Mavis on my back : )

Saturday, 8 September 2012

It's chemo o'clock again.

It's 3:50am and I am wide awake....again!
I am hoping that the symptoms have subsided. I had jacket potatoes for tea last night and said hello to them about an hour later.
My Rab C Nesbitt impressions are second to none, I think even Gregor Fisher would have a problem telling us apart and he has played that role for years! Mary Hen would gladly take him back again after living with me for a few days.
I am supposed to be going out with my friend, Tina, today. If all has settled down, I will, if not, I will look forward to going out with her another time.
I will contact the hospital on Monday as well as I was supposed to have a vitamin B injection on Thursday but couldn't go to the hospital with all the "stuff" going on.

I am going to have a coffee while watching Quincy M.E and get back to sleep as soon as I can. Hopefully everything has died down now.

Friday, 7 September 2012


I didn't feel too chipper yesterday. I was up at 4:30am to take Kieran to the station to meet his teacher and friends. He went to see the paralympics in London. I came home and went straight back to bed. I have been feeling sick and had tummy ache, I took it really slow yesterday.
Siobhan has a friend staying with us for a couple of weeks while he is between places. She is taking charge of all that.
I was going to see my friend, Chrissy, for a uppa but the times had changed for Kieran to come back to Plymouth. It was going to be 8:30pm but was changed to 6:30pm.
I met him at the station, little monkey, I told him not to take his iPad and what do I find in his bag when I get home,'ve guessed it..... his iPad!!
So no iPad for a week then Kieran if you can't listen.
He hadn't eaten any of his lunches, he had bought McDonalds so 2 lunches and one iPad safely home.
I went to bed about 8pm, I was tired and still not feeling well. My stuff monitor, I hope your listening, hate talking about this but if it's all to do with chemo, I like to document it. I had very loose stuff going on.
I was up at 4:40am again, loose stuff again. I got up 3 times, eventually getting back to sleep until the alarm went off at 6:30am to get Kieran up for school.
I have hung the washing out and sorted out Kieran's breakfast, he went off to school very happy.
I have also got the most disgusting taste in my mouth, chemo again, I have been having weird dreams about having a bad taste, think I was eating dog food and  was continuously spitting it out.
The taste buds being messed up really messes with the appetite. I forgot I should have had a vit B jab yesterday so will have to contact the hospital today about having it done.
I am hoping for a good weekend, I am seeing my lovely friend, Tina, tomorrow, we are going off somewhere for lunch. I am looking forward to that so much and then if i feel well enough, out with Chrissy and co in the evening. The weather is beautiful and I want to make the most of it.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Off to the paralympics.

Kieran and I were up at 4:30am this morning, My chemo clock was ticking so it was easy for me, was awake before the alarm.
Kieran got himself up and dressed, had breakfast and was thinking about what he should take with him. His charger for his phone is at his dads so he can't take that, I told him no iPad as the last thing he took on a trip was stolen.
I packed him 2 lunch boxes, one for lunch and one for tea. I put freeze blocks in them to keep them cool. 
We got sorted and headed out for the car about 5:15am to get him to the railway station for 5:40am. 
The sky was so clear, the stars were shining so brightly, such a beautiful time of the day.
I drove Kieran to the station, left him with his teacher and friends I waved goodbye and told him I loved him.....Grumbles from Kieran I expect, Mum don't embarrass me!!! : )
It will be a long day for the Bean, He will be so tired when he gets home. 
I am still in my pyjamas at lunch time, I came back from the station and went straight back to bed.
I suppose I had better motivate my chemo backside into climbing the stairs and getting dressed.

Have a lovely day Kieran.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wonderful pamper day.

The day started with Kieran getting of to school, a slow amble round the house, a bath and then out to take Kieran's old school uniform to his school as he doesn't need it anymore.
The sun is shining beautifully, typical isn't it, the school holidays are over so the rain stops.

I then decided to go into town after I dropped of the uniform at Kieran's school. As I was walking by the Softsoles Spa shop I saw one of my warrior friends, at least I thought it was her, I didn't have my glasses on, vanity and all that.
I said "Hello Maria" to see if the lady would respond, well she did, It was Maria. She was on a break outside the shop. We had a little chat about how things had bee going since we last saw each other which was in May 2011 at Saltram for the mesothelioma action day.
It seems such a long way off now, It was great to see her again. I asked about manicures and about the fish spa they have in the shop. I hadn't done this before so it was a first for me.
I said I would give it a go, why not, I could do with a bit of pampering today as I was feeling a little sorry for myself, just one of those feelings that come over all of us now and again.
I took off my shoes, had my feet washed and then got ready to dip my toes into the fish spa.
It was a bit of a tickly shock at first but I soon got used to it and let the fish do what they do naturally.
They were so cute, I couldn't take my eyes off them, it was just as relaxing watching them as it was having it done and when it was finished, my feet were so soft. I will be having this done again, so glad I did it.
After that I had booked in to have a manicure with Maria. She prepared my hands and nails and we chatted about while she worked. I chose purple as my nail colour, one of my favourites.
After that I headed back home to wait for Kieran to come home from school.
He said he had had a brilliant first day back, All in all, a very happy and positive day : )

 Fish spa, I will be having this again, it was so relaxing.

 Maria doing my nails, So lovely to see her again after such a long time.

It has been a good day today, I am taking Siobhan and Kieran out to eat this evening, why spoil a pamper day by having to make a meal : )