Friday, 4 January 2013

Back to reality

It has been a quiet start to the new year.
I was so pleased to hear the news from Ian, Steve Wride and Pat in the USA who's husband, Cork, has mesothelioma. Results are stable or reduced growth which is great.

Mavis has had a little set back, she hasn't been feeling well and Jan E has had a lot of pain recently, it's now my turn to nag my aunties!!! I hope they feel better very soon x x 

I have been feeling a slightly light headed and fatigued the last few days, I think my blood count may have dropped again. I will be off to the Dr's on Monday to have a blood test or contact my oncologist who is wonderful and organises everything.
I did the weekly shop today, what a struggle that was. I managed it, I did ask Kieran to help but he decided that when offered the option of going into town (he asked me if I wanted anything) to buy my hair dye, that was much easier. He did it as well and came back with the right one, unlike his dad who went to the city centre for safety pins and came back with paper clips : )
This was a few years ago, nothing changes.

I am going to try and rest up over the weekend, not that I have done a lot this week. Some days I haven't got dressed until the afternoon.

This picture is a couple of years old, I am looking forward to having all my babies back together x x

Richard will be coming home from Ireland on 16th January, we are all looking forward to that as we all miss him. He will be bringing his lady love with him, Kerri and her 2 little girls. They are staying for 10 days. Should be an interesting time x x

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