Friday, 25 January 2013

Blood test results.

It is Richard and Kerri's last day with us today, they will be off to Ireland tomorrow. I am hoping the roads will be good to them. I have canceled my trip to Derby, the weather forecast isn't good and it wasn't worth the worry to have to drive up and back to Derby. If we don't get stuck on the way up, we may do on the way back. I hope that all the warriors have a fabulous weekend. Linda and Mavis will be receiving their awards, I am gutted I won't see it but, as I said, it isn't worth taking the risk.

I had a blood tesat on Wednesday, I rang the surgery today for my blood test results today, the receptionist told me my liver was fine and I needed to speak to the Dr about U and E results. It didn't come across as this was urgent and she didn't suggest an appointment so I am presuming that all is good.
I will have to make an appointment after the weekend now.

I have egg and chips at Jayne's this evening, it was lovely, I have missed that.

We have lots of rain here, still no snow apart from Dartmoor and the surrounding areas. My warrior sisters, Angela and Tracey, canceled as well. Good job they did, they have heavy snow fall.
I think I made the right decision.

I have a CT scan on Wednesday, I will have to check with the receptionist at the hospital what time it is as I haven't had a letter yet, just a date from Dr D. I will see him the week after and then be discussing radio therapy. So it all starts again, the CT blues or Scanxiety...... The 3 months come around so fast. I am expecting to hear that the meso in the right lung has grown. The left lung seemed to be alringt, the meso had reduced. I hope to get through this without tears, not sure that will happen, I won't escape the feelings but will do my best.

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