Monday, 28 January 2013

Blood test results.

I spoke to my GP today, He said my B12 was low and something else, my chemo brain won't allow me to intake that information!! : )

I have a low blood count as well so may need another transfusion. My GP is going to contact Dr D about it. That would account for my breathlessness, lack of energy and feeling so tired.
I have been taking some pain killers as Theo has decided to make himself known over the last few weeks. Not sure if it's stress or the chemo still kicking him, I hope it's the later, it is under control at the moment. It could even be the cold weather and the chest infection, maybe a little fluid is left after the chest infection. I have had the same pain in the right lung, only a small amount, nothing like I had when I first discovered Theo.

Ann and Bill, my wonderful warrior friends are taking me to the hospital for my scan on Wednesday, they have been away visiting family, They has a new grandson,  and it is so good to hear from them.
Next week I see Dr D. I have to put on a stone before I see him so am happy to take any weight to bump up mine.

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