Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Catch up.

It has been a busy few days, Richard, Kerri and the girls are over from Ireland. Kerri's birthday is on Friday and as I am traveling to Derby for the DAST (Derby Asbestos Support Team) event.
I am hoping it doesn't snow, it is so cold here this evening it feels like there will be a heavy downfall. 
If it does come down heavy, I won't be going anywhere. 
We went out to eat last night to celebrate Kerri's birthday, we went to Franky and Benny's who always do a good birthday. Kerri didn't know this was planned. She loves her shoes so a shoe cake was a must, Siobhan and I saw it and thought of her.
I was going to drive to the venue but as it had hailed very heavily, there was thunder and lightening as well, the night before I decided against it. We ordered 2 taxis as there were 8 of us. 

Happy Birthday Kerri : )

 The shoe cake.

I found a lovely headband on facebook, thanks to my warrior sister Lisa. I oredered it and it arrived today. It was well wrapped and presented in a lovely black box with a cream bow.
It is so pretty, Any excuse to wear some head gear so I am hoping that I do make it to Derby as I will wear this in the evening. It is very delicate with to beautiful silver dragonflies on it.
The lady who made it loves dragonflies too, she is called Jane and her business is called HF couture accessories.

I had a blood test this morning. I am still a little breathless so am getting that checked. My very wise GP has given me a back up of steroids and anti biotics to keep hold of incase I need them. The roads were alright this morning, I got back just in time to meet my friend, Wendy, She is one of my very best friends. It was lovely to catch up with her and talk about what our children are doing and how things are going for us both. We had a lovely lunch at the Jack Rabbit and talked away, forgetting to choose from the menu. The poor waitress came back about 3 times I think : )

Wendy dropped me back home to a very quiet house. Everyone was out. They had all gone in town. Stork and Amber are finding it difficult as they are not used to children. They seem to have settled a lot more though. I am babysitting tonight, Kerri and Rich have gone out to meet up with his friends. The girls are all quiet and in bed. We have another visitor, Basil, the stray cat. He has made himself very comfortable, to Amber's horror. Stork couldn't care less, he is curled up on the sofa beside me. I can't be so mean as to throw Basil out in the cold.

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