Monday, 14 January 2013

Chest infection again.

I went to my friend, Jayne's for tea last night. Egg and chips, it was lovely and great to see her and my other friend, Chrissy, as we hadn't seen each other since before Christmas.
I left Jayne's, She has quite a few steps, I made my way up her steps and could feel my chest getting tighter. I managed to get to my car.
I started coughing and had to pull into a lay-by on the way home. I was coughing so much that I had to find a carrier bag to relieve the muck. I waited a couple of minutes before carrying on my journey.

I eventually got home, the cold air did me no good at all.
I got into the house and stopped, I was so breathless. I waited for this to settle before anything else.
I took of my coat, said hello to Siobhan and her Bf, Kieran was in his room. I told them I was going to bed, it was 7:15pm. I got to the top of the stairs and found I was very breathless again and coughing.
I got into bed, heated blanket on, it was so cold outside. I talked to my warrior friends on FB and they said I should call the Dr out. I rang Devon Dr's who said to take paracetamol and the chest infection will go on it's own. I told the Dr I was immunocompromised as I had ahd chemotherapy. He sida call my GP tomorrow. I rang the oncology department who rang Dr D, my oncology Dr. He said they should have come out. He suggested I call the surgery in the morning and tell them I want a Dr to come out. There is no way I could get myself there, I would be in a right old state with the coughing and breathlessness.
I had a good nights sleep and called the surgery this morning. A Dr will be out around 12 ish.
Thank you so much to my warrior family and my friends for their support. Sometimes we all need a littl push to do things : )

We had about 10 flakes of snow last night, nothing this morning. A lot of the country has snow.

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