Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ct Scan

I had my CT scan yesterday. I had a call from Bill and Ann, 2 warriors from our local support group. they are such a lovely, caring couple. The said they would take me to the hospital and then I would be going back to there place for a cuppa.

I ended up having scrambled egg on toast with them as well, courtesy of chef Bill : )
Their bathroom and kitchen have been decorated and look wonderful.

After something to eat and a very long natter, Bill dropped me back home.
Such lovely people, thank you Ann and Bill.

Today Kieran had a full day at Saltash college, that is where he is going after he leaves school.
He said he enjoyed it, I am so pleased but had no doubts he would like it.
I had a meeting with my GP and a blood test afterwards. I had the meeting, left the surgery and headed to my friends for a cuppa.
As I got to the door, the lightbulb goes off....... PING!!!! ....... BLOOD TEST....... Bugger, I forgot.
I rang the surgery and asked if I should make another appointment or come back, the answer was go back.
I just don't help myself, I am feeling so tired lately and very breathless and was looking forward to a sit down.
I got to the surgery, had the blood test and then back to my friends.
We had a cuppa and a chat, I told her about my new car, getting her on 13th. She is in Plymouth.
She said lets go and see her, I wanted to do this anyway so I didn't need much pushing.
We went round to the sale room, couldn't see her. We saw an awful green/yellow Fiesta and next to it was a Fiesta style, Racing car red....thats my colour : )
My car wasn't at the show room, she was in Estover but I can talk to the saleman tomorrow and he can arrange to have her brought here.
I am still very nervous about driving my new car as she looks huge compared to my little Halo.

After we finished there, we went to Plymstock, I had some retail therapy.
Silly me didn't realise how much walking round the shops would affect me.
I felt exhausted. I was feeling so breathless and weak that my friend left me to get her car.

What a mess I am, I know I need a transfusion, B12 and I think it is iron too.
I have never felt so exhausted in a long time. The last time was about 18 months ago.
I picked up my car from my friends and got myself home. Walking from the garage to the house was such a struggle. I got in and flaked out on the sofa, Not even any energy to take my coat off. I find I get very cold as well in my hands and feet.

Kieran came home from school, he has had a good day.

Tomorrow will be a day of resting, I need to, I can hear Aunties Mavis, Jan and Rose keyboards clicking away....... I know girls : ) I promise tomorrow will be easy just like the kitty in the picture.  x x x Aunty Tess is clicking away too, I had better rest tomorrow  x x Love you girls x x

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