Saturday, 19 January 2013

No snow zone.

Rich, Kerri and the girls had settled in well, they arrived on Wednesday. We haven't seen much snow, a little yesterday morning that was washed away by the rain. It was very cold yesterday and the sky looked ready to burst, it looked so heavy with snow. That has all changed this morning, it isn't so cold today, still no snow, I hope it isn't next weekend as I am off to Derby to see my meso sisters and I don't want to miss that.
I babysay last night, Rich and Kerri went out about 8:30pm after they got the girls settled. They went for something to eat and have a drink before going to the cinema to see the Hobbit. I have to say the girls were perfect, no trouble at all. They have all gone to the National Marine Aquarium today and will meet up with Rich's dad, they are staying with him tonight. I dropped them off at the Barbican and picked Siobhan and her Bf up in the city centre. I gave the girls some money to spend as they were so good last night. Kieran has gone in town to meet his dad, he is staying with him tonight.
So it is a very quiet house, Just Siobhan, her BF and I. Amber has been hiding away under Siobhan's bed as she is nervous of the girls so she is happier now that the house is quiet.

I have been feeling much better, I have steroids for tomorrow, still a bit of a cough and muck so it will be a trip to the Dr's on Monday as I am still quite breathless as well. The children have been wonderful, so helpful. Rich helped by putting the Christmas stuff away and helping me to get things from Jayne, we are borrowing a blow up bed and duvets.
It is so wonderful to have my babies all back together. I love them so much. Happy days : )

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