Sunday, 6 January 2013

Quiet weekend.

Not much happened over the weekend.
It was very quiet, Kieran stayed with his dad last night, he went in town and met some friends today, he had lunch, came home and then his friend, who should have met him in town, called and said he was on his way in. Kieran was at home so his friend came to our house.
It is so good to see him have friends around. Something I didn't think I would ever see. That friend went and then another one turned up.
Tomorrow is the last day of the holidays, Kieran should be going in to school on Tuesday.
I have a council representative coming round tomorrow to assess us about council tax. I was on single persons tax but have come off that because Siobhan's BF has moved in. They are making sure that we aren't losing out as we may be due discounts. We shall see what happens.

I have been thinking a lot about warriors who are very ill at the moment. Sending love and strength to all of them and their families.

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