Saturday, 26 January 2013

So quiet!!!

Peace has descended over the Brewer Mansion. Siobhan went to her boyfriends place last night, Kieran went to his dads to stay overnight tonight and Rich returned to Ireland with Kerri and the girls, so, it's just me and the cats. It is so quiet.
I should be in Derby with my meso family but weather changed my mind. There was heavy snowfall in Derby last night so maybe it is a good job my trip was canceled. Tonight is Mavis's night and I hope she has a wonderful evening, she deserves it for all the work she does supporting us in our meso community. She is our meso mum : )

I am going to stay in as the cold nights really affect my lungs. Theo has been giving me a bashing over the past fews days. I don't usually resort to pain killers but I have had to this time.

So, it is going to be a very quiet Saturday night for me.

Linda R, Linda T, Judith, Mavis, Ray, Christine, Mark and Rose, have a great evening, I look forward to seeing all your pictures and I hope you raise loads of dosh for DAST : )

My lovely warrior family, well, some of them. Have a fabulous time tonight, Linda and Mavis, enjoy your night, you deserve it. Christine and Mark, Well done on pulling off this fantastic event.
At 9pm Mavis said they will be raising a glass to warriors who have fallen, this includes Cher, our precious angel, who fell asleep a few weeks ago. The fight continues in all of their memories x x x

Cher and Neil on their wedding day last year x x x

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