Sunday, 20 January 2013

Still no snow here.

It is still very cold but, as yet, there has been no snow in my street. It is on the moor and some places, what we did have washed away with the rain last week.
Rich is staying at his dads again today so it is Siobhan, her BF, Kieran and I at home. Kieran was with his dad so we took the opportunity to go up to the garden centre and have a look around. I was looking for bird food, it is so cold for them. We have had a squirrel come round as well. We had a hot chocolate in the cafe, lovely on a cold day.
We picked up squirrel food, bird seed, coconut lard feeders and a couple of trays to put on the feeder in the garden.
I set it all up when I got home. Greedy magpies have been making a meal of it, they have been taking the squirrels food. I am sure he will get something though.

Amber and Stork have been loving watching them while they are say in a warm house.
It was good to get out of the house, it is cold but not as cold as it was. I am feeling a little better, still very breathless. I am hoping to get an appointment with my Dr tomorrow to discuss a blood test. I am wondering if my bloods have dropped a little as I have been breathless before when they have.

Not long to go now, I am off to Derby on Friday and the IATP event for DAST on Saturday where our lovely Mavis will be getting an award as will Linda Reinstein and well deserved too.
I am hoping the snow doesn't decide to come along on Thursday evening.

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