Monday, 28 January 2013

Wonderful Derby

My news from the  IATP event in Derby, It went very well, I couldn't make it due to the weather but those that did had a fabulous time. I was so pleased to see that the wine holder shoe I donated went for £100. I will explain the evening in pictures.

Mavis receiving her ADAO award, the Alan Reistein award, the same one I received last year, Well done Mavis. x x

5 Glamorous girls and fabulous warriors, Linda Reinstein, Judith, Mavis, Rose and Linda T.
 Above - Mavis and Linda receiving their IATP awards. Well done ladies, you are a credit to the warriors community.
Below - Mavis with her ADAO award, Mavis's husband, Ray is pictured with her and I think this is their son, Terry with his wife.

Christine (and her team at IATP) who did a great job organising the evening.

Christine AKA 'M' with her husband, Mark, well done you tow, what a great job.

Barbara McQueen signed and donated her book, The last mile. I am not sure yet how much it raised.

The wine holder shoe that I donated, It made £100 for DAST.



IATP is a UK-NI-SI-European Member Organisation for Asbestos related training providers. IATP promotes Member compendent and compliant training providers throughout the industry sectors they work within. IATP is a democratic organisation that is driven by its Member training providers. A Community Interest Company, 
promoting Asbestos Awareness, Good Practice to the industries and the public


We help and support anyone diagnosed with asbestos related diseases. We also campaign on issues affecting vicitms of asbestos related diseases and in particular issues affecting victims of mesothelioma (asbestos related cancer). We cover the East Midlands area.

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