Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tea at Jayne's

I have had a quiet weekend. I haven't gone out as I have been feeling so tired. Jayne did me egg and chips for tea. So lovely to see her and Chrissy again, the first time since before Christmas. It was lovely to catch up on what has happened since then.
After we had eaten and had a chat, Chrissy and I made a move to go home. The temperatures have dropped again, it is so cold outside. We left about 7:15pm,  Jayne lives quite close to me. I set off in my car, got half way home and had to pull into the side of the road. I couldn't stop coughing and bringing up muck, I grabbed a carrier bag from the back of the car and used that. There was no waiting until I got home, I can here my friend, Mandy, saying "why didn't you call me?" ...... I got sorted out quite quickly, enough to get me home. Poor Mandy would have had to come out in the freezing cold and it would have taken her longer to get here than me just get myself home. I will consider myself told off : )

I am now in bed with my heated blanket on, TV on, Computer on and my faithful friend by my side.

I made a video today, Richard (NAH) put a piece of music on his facebook which I thought would fit it perfectly, It is called consideration and sang by REEF, a band I haven't heard anything from for a while and one which I do like.

It details my meso journey up to now. I hope you like it : )

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