Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Well done Mavis x x

I was so pleased yesterday to hear Mavis's news. She had her scan and she has been given a stable diagnosis and no change with her mesothelioma (Mr Nasty). This did brighten up a very sad dad after hearing the news that Cher had passed away.

Mavis and I with my Nimble bear.

I am looking forward to seeing her the end of the month to celebrate in person and we will be toasting our lovely Cher and other warriors who have fallen asleep recently.

I have a new monitor, Aunty Rose, My meal monitor. She asks me every evening what I have for my meal. Tonight it was Egg, chips and baked beans. It was going to be peas but she suggested beans instead. I am not going to be able to get away with anything : )

I have been a bit of a home bird these last few days, the weather has been miserable. It has been grey, overcast and raining again. My car is not well, not getting the new one till the end of the month.
I am excited about that, I am also excited about next week as my son, Richard, comes home from Ireland with his girlfriend, Kerri and her two girls. It will be lovely to spend some tine with him. The week after I am off to Derby for an event to raise money for DAST (Derby, Asbestos, Support Team)
It is being organised by IATP an asbestos training company. Mavis is getting an award as is Linda Reinstein, my gorgeous friend from LA. I am looking forward to meeting my warrior family as well.

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