Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Yesterday the Dr called in and did an examination. I have got a chest infection and the asthma has been kicked up as well.
I have a course of anti biotics and some steroids if I need them.
I had a very restful day yesterday and am doing the same today. Tomorrow Richard is coming home from Ireland for 10 days, we are all looking forward to seeing him and his family.
It is going to be a busy few days : ) Kerri, Richard's girlfriend, has 2 little girls so I am sure we will be kept on our toes.

Richard and his girlfriend, Kerri.

I am sure this chest infection will be well on the way tomorrow, if not, I will rest some more. My next venture will be Derby for the DAST fund raising event (DERBY ASBESTOS SUPPORT TEAM) organised by IATP, an asbestos training provider. My friend, Christine, has been so busy and I hope it is a great success and raises a lot of money for DAST.


HatemesoRo said...

Thank you so much for writing. It gives me a lot power.
You wrote that you had coughing lately. I hope that you feel better right now. What did the doctor give you? what kind of drug?
My father coughs a lot and the Doctor don't know how to help him.

Debbie said...

Hello HatemesoRo,
I have a chest infection, I have got anti biotics, Doxycline, and steroids Predniselone ,which I have started taking and feel much better.
I have asthma as well.

I hope you manage to sort your dad's cough out. x x

HatemesoRo said...
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HatemesoRo said...

Debbie - Thank you so much for your answer.
How did you diagnosed the chest infection ? By what kind of diagnose?

I want to have as much information as I can When we'll go to the Doctor.

Again - Thanks - sending you a lot power and strength.
I'm giving you a hug from a distance.

Debbie said...

Hello HatemesoRo,
I know the feeling of a chest infection coming on. I got very breathless and tired. I cough and it is mucky, checking the colour of the sputum is a must, if it's green then chances are it is an infection. I also get asthma which can make me breathless but is a different feeling. I also get pain if I have a chest infection, in the back and shoulder of the side the meso is on. Please remember, everyone is different and what happens to me may not be what happens with your husband. Speak to your GP. I am back to the Dr's on Monday as I may need more anti biotics and steroids. Good luck, I hope your husband gets relief from his cough x x